Do Labradors Shed A Lot and How Can You Deal With That Challenge?

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When getting a new pup, the problem of shedding is always front and center – so, do Labradors shed a lot and how can you deal with that challenge if they do? Does the type of Labrador you get matter in terms of shedding? Are there any tips and tricks that can help you mitigate the issue? We’ll cover all those questions below.

Do Labradors Shed A Lot?

In a word – yes. Labradors are a “water retriever” breed that has evolved with a double-layered coat. The lower layer is for temperature management and the upper layer is waterproof which aids with swimming. The consequence of all that, however, is that your lab will shed a lot.

Do Labradors Shed A Lot Year-Round Or At Specific Times?

Yes and no. Because of how much hair they have, labs will shed pretty consistently all year long. That amount of shedding is easily manageable, however – brushing your lab every other day, regular baths, and adequate vacuuming will solve the problem.

However, twice a year, a lab will go through what’s called “seasonal shedding”. In both early spring and early fall a labrador will shed a truly spectacular amount of fur. This is done to get rid of the dog’s winter or summer coat in preparation for the next season. You will need to take some extra measures for this twice a year – we’ll mention some tips and tricks below.

Additionally, unsprayed female labs will also shed more abundantly when they are in heat. Another noteworthy factor is extra hot weather – all labs will shed more when the air temperatures are intolerably high.

Do Black Labs Shed A Lot?

Depending on who you ask, you’ll be told either that black labs shed the least or the most of all labs. As far as we can tell, black labs shed as much as any other lab. If anything, the black color of their coat will make their hair less noticeable in most situations. This can both make a black lab’s shedding feel less impactful and potentially cause you to ignore the shedding a bit more than you should.

Do Yellow Labs Shed A Lot?

Yellow labs are most frequently cited as the biggest shedding offenders. However, this is most likely due to the bright yellow color of their coats. When a yellow lab is in seasonal shedding mode you are guaranteed to notice it.

Do Chocolate Labs Shed A Lot?

Similar to their black brethren, chocolate labs’ fur can seem a bit less noticeable because of its dark brown color. However, chocolate labs do seem to shed as much as any other type of Labrador. If you have a mostly dark brown wooden interior you may notice it less but the lab hairs will still be there. Especially during the seasonal sheddings, even the camouflage color of the hair won’t prevent you from noticing it.

Do Labradors Shed A Lot Due To Certain Health Concerns?

If your lab is shedding in truly absurd quantities, this may be caused by certain conditions. It’s not that uncommon for hormone imbalances to lead to certain skin disorders, excess shedding, and even balding in dogs.

Another possibility is that your lab has allergies to certain products. This happens most commonly with shampoo and other skincare ointments as well as some medications. If your dog has a strong allergic reaction, you can expect to see quite a bit of extra shedding.

Naturally, as with people, stress can also lead to more shedding than usual. Stress is not to be underestimated with canines and it can be caused by many different factors:

  • Loss of a loved one, whether of an owner or a fellow pet
  • Moving to a new home, even if it’s with the same human family
  • Rehoming to a new family or becoming homeless
  • Going to a shelter
  • Home renovation
  • The introduction of a new family member, be it a baby, a new pet, or a new adult
  • Certain health conditions

How Can You Deal With All Of Your Lab’s Excess Hair?

This may sound like a complex problem but it really isn’t. There are quite a few things you can do to deal with a shedding lab and most of them are very easy:

  • Daily brushing
  • Regular baths
  • Get a pet-friendly vacuum and use it often
  • Get a pet-friendly robovac
  • Good and highly nutritious diet
  • Manage stress levels

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Do Labradors Sheld A Lot If You’ve Got Them To A Groomer First?

Getting your lab to a groomer twice a year before the seasonal shedding is one of the best things you can do. If you hit the right time, a good groomer will get the majority of the hair in their studio. This way, you almost won’t feel the seasonal shedding of your dog at home.

Is Shaving Your Labrador A Good Idea?

Definitely not! Even during shedding season and even in hot weather, your lab needs its double-layered coat. Even if you just want to help your pup cool down, the dog’s coat actually helps prevent overheating by providing isolation. It also protects the dog against UV, skin infections, physical harm, parasites, and many other potential problems.

Additionally, once a lab is shaved, the coat typically won’t grow back in the exact same way. So, you can very easily ruin your dog’s coat for the long term too.

Are Labradors Hypoallergenic?

As you probably know, shedding and long coats aren’t directly linked with whether a dog is hypoallergenic or not. There are long-haired dogs like the poodle that are quite hypoallergenic.

The Labrador, however, is not one of those breeds. If someone at home is allergic to dogs, getting a Labrador is probably not a good idea.

Does The Excess Shedding Mean A Labrador Is Not The Dog For You?

All in all, it’s all a matter of personal preference. Do Labradors shed a lot? Yes, they do. Does this make them a “bad” breed? Not at all and the fact that they are one of the most popular dog breeds prove this.

So, if shedding is your main concern, you may want to consider some other breeds. However, if you really want a lab (and you’re not allergic to dogs), the shedding doesn’t need to stop you – just brush your pup regularly, get them to the groomer a couple of times a year, and vacuum your home from time to time.

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