Black Lab And Great Pyrenees Mix – The Bear Retriever

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Labrador Retrievers and Great Pyrenees dogs are both beloved family dogs. So, it’s no surprise that their crossbreed has been rising in popularity too. Meet the black lab and Great Pyrenees mix – the Bear Retriever.

We won’t be focusing on the black lab and Pyrenees mix specifically below but we do love that particular combination. The black color of the lab together with the bear-like size and coat of the Pyrenees is just too awesome to ignore.

That being said, the more important question is whether the Pyrador or Labrenees is a good family pet and is suitable for your home. Let’s find out.

Black Lab and Great Pyrenees Mix Looks and Appearance

The appearance of this mixed breed is the first of many great things about it. Pyrenees dogs are typically white dogs with long and fluffy coats. That, together with their large size, has earned them the monicker “Bear dogs”. Labs, on the other hand, have shorter double coats that can be either black, brown, or yellow.

Combined, the two will have either a shorter or longer double coat (that sheds quite a bit) with a color that’s somewhere in between the two parents. That’s why we love the black lab Pyrenees mix so much – it will either have the full-black color of the lab or will still be white but with cool darker shades in certain places.

The Great Pyrenees lab mix full-grown size is also impressive. Both parent breeds are quite large but the Great Pyrenees is even bigger than the lab. So, the parameters you can expect from this mixed breed are somewhere along the lines of 22 to 32 inches height at the shoulder (56 to 82 cm) and anywhere between 50 and 100+ pounds of weight (23 and 45+ kg). This is quite the variation but such is the difference in size between the two parent breeds.

As for the rest of the dog’s appearance and body shape – both parent breeds have a relatively similar body type and well-built, sturdy proportion. So, you can expect the same from the Pyrador mix.

Black Lab and Great Pyrenees Mix Looks and Appearance

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Temperament Of The Great Pyrenees Labrador Mix

Lab mixes with shepherd breeds usually result in a pretty nice and well-balanced temperament and that’s certainly the case here too. Despite their impressive size and bear-like appearance, Great Pyrenees dogs are calm and collected shepherd breed.

The signature patience and composure of the Pyrenees dog can be contrasted by the hyperactive and social nature of the lab but the combination is usually quite nice. Of course, as with any other mix, you can never know exactly how far in either direction the pup is going to lean. Your Pyrador pup can either be as playful and active as a lab or calm and observant as a Great Pyrenees. Or, it can be anywhere in between.

Generally, you can notice which way a pup’s going to go if you observe it together with its litter for a while. Or, you can just as the breeder or the people at the shelter for the particular pup’s character.

Either way, this mix should always be good with people, as well as with kids and with other pets. Proper socialization will be required for that, of course, but this cross will be easier to socialize, than most other breeds. Obedience training should also be fairly easy with these dogs, albeit still as much of a must as it is for any other large breed.

Lastly, you should be careful about separation anxiety, as that’s something all smart and social dogs are prone to.

How Much Exercise Does A Black Lab and Great Pyrenees Mix Need?

Somewhere between 90 and 120 minutes of daily exercise should be all right for your dog, depending on how active it wants to be. Having a nice and large fenced yard will also help but it’s no substitute for the dog park – just an extra. Needless to say, raising such a large dog in an apartment can be a challenge. It’s doable but it’s a challenge. Either way, prepare for quite some time in the dog park.

Great Pyrenees Lab Mix Lifespan and Health

A healthy Pyrador can live up to 10 or 12 years on average which is in line with the expected lifespans of its parent breeds too. With good care and a bit of luck, these dogs can even surpass the 12-year mark. Overall, this is pretty great for such a large dog.

As for the health itself, these dogs are considered quite healthy and sturdy but there are a few possible conditions to watch out for:

Getting a dog that hasn’t been bred in a puppy mill (i.e. not from a pet store) is a good step toward avoiding most of these issues. If you’re buying, make sure you’re working with a reputable breeder. Such a breeder will offer you health certificates for the pup as well as its parents. This alone will greatly help in avoiding most health problems. If you’re adopting, ask for full medical detail.

Pyrador Pros and Cons:


  • Even though it sounds rare and exotic, the Great Pyrenees lab mix price can be as low as $500
  • Balanced and social personality
  • Gorgeous coat and unique look
  • Easy to train


  • Get ready for quite a bit of shedding
  • Separation anxiety can be a problem
  • This is a very large breed which comes with its extra set of needs

Should You Get A Black Lab and Great Pyrenees Mix?

If you want a large pet with a social, obedient, and playful personality, the Pyrador can be a great choice. These dogs’ temperament can vary between the two parent breeds but it’s almost always excellent for a household pet, especially with the right training and socialization.

Do keep in mind that looking after a large dog is demanding. You’ll also need to spend a lot of time playing outside. Separation anxiety can also be an issue. But if you’re prepared for that, a Pyrador can be a phenomenal pet for you and your family.

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