Jack Russell Lab Mix Puppy – The Lively and Adorable Pet Dynamo

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Some crossbreeds are rapidly rising in popularity nowadays and this is one of them. Meet the Jack Russel lab mix puppy – the lively and adorable pet dynamo. A cross between two widely loved hunting breeds, the Jackador inherits a lot of the best qualities of both his parents. It does get some of their quirks, however, so you’d better know ahead of time what you’d be getting into.

Jack Russell Lab Mix Puppy Appearance

As a cross between a larger and a smaller breed, the JRT/lab mix can vary in size. Typically, you can expect these dogs to grow up to 16 to 20 inches (41 to 51 cm) at the shoulders and around 25 to 50 lbs (9 to 22 kg) if not overweight.

As for the rest of their appearance – that can vary greatly too. The coat colors will usually be either brown, black, or cream, mostly depending on the lab parent. Yellow and white(ish) are possible too. The length of the coat will be short but it will still be double-coated and water-resistant. It will shed quite a bit too so keep that in mind.

The other bodily features such as the muzzle, ear, and overall body shape will be consistent as both JRTs and labs do have similar body types.

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Jackador Temperament

This is the big question regarding Jackadors – what behavior can you expect? On the whole, a JRT and lab mix will be social, outgoing, very playful, and highly intelligent. Training should be easy if you know what you’re doing and you start obedience training early on. You should also start the dog’s socialization early and not just rely on their social nature.

Keep in mind, however, that Jackador’s overall social nature doesn’t mean that the dog will get along with everybody. These dogs inherit a strong prey drive from their terrier parents so toddlers, as well as cats and other small pets, may be a problem at home. Barking may also be an issue so you may want to look into some no-bark training.

Last but not least, as with any other smart and social dog breed, separation anxiety is a major issue for this crossbreed. These dogs just don’t tolerate being left home alone for too long. If you work away from home you’ll need to have another family member with the dog while you’re out. Alternatively, you can hire a dog walker or a dog sitter, you can arrange some playdates with other dog owners, you can try to exhaust your pup with playtime and exercise before going out, or you can just get a second dog,

Lab Jack Russell Mix Exercise Needs

Unsurprisingly, combining two of the most physically active dog breeds out there doesn’t yield a couch potato. Instead, the Jackador is an incredibly physically active breed that not only likes but requires a lot of physical and mental exercise. This includes:

  • 90 to 120 minutes a day (typically divided into two outings) of rigorous physical exercise such as playing something in the dog park and jogging to and from the said park.
  • A couple of hours of free playtime in a well-fenced yard every day.
  • As much indoor playtime as the dog needs, preferably with you and with various interactive and mentally-stimulating dog toys.
  • Hikes and treks out of town for at least a couple of weekends every month, ideally to new locations. Swimming is an especially favorite pastime for all lab crosses.

Of those four points, 2 and 4 are more “optional” but still strongly recommended. If you don’t give your Jackador enough exercise and mental stimulation, the dog won’t just grow unhealthy, it will also be unhappy, restless, and even disobedient.

Jackador Puppy Health Specifics and Life Expectancy

Overall, Jackadors are as healthy as their parent breeds – quite a lot. There are a few issues that may befall your pet, of course, but those are rare and can be prevented by getting a healthy pup and looking after it well. Such potential problems include:

Do keep in mind that the genealogy of your pet matters if you want it to have a disease-free life. This is especially true for crossbreeds as irresponsible breeders may create such mixes without much care about the hereditary conditions that may be passed from the parents.

Always ask for a health certificate from whoever has bred your puppy to make sure everything is in order. Or, if you’re adopting from a shelter, ask for a detailed medical history. If you take good care of your pup and avoid such issues, you can expect to surpass the breed’s average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

Pros and Cons Of Getting A Jack Russel Lab Mix Puppy


  • A very social and outgoing dog that gets along with almost everybody
  • A great mini-lab option for those who want a social and playful dog in a smaller package
  • An easily trainable pet


  • The Jackador is a loud breed so apartment dwellers should keep that in mind
  • JRT/lab mixes are exceedingly energetic and require hours of outdoor time every day
  • If your cross is more terrier-like it may not get along with small kids and other pets (cats, rabbits, etc.)

Is A Jack Russel Lab Mix Puppy The Best Pet For You?

The Jackador is great for any household that likes (or plans to start liking) spending a lot of time outdoors. Like both its parent breeds, the JRT/lab mix is very energetic and playful so you’d better have a dog park nearby and love doing hikes and long treks on the weekends. If you’re looking for a jogging companion, that’d also be a good fit.

If none of this sounds like you, however, then the Jackador may not be the right breed for you. Another potential deal-breaker might be the presence of toddlers or cats in your home. Both can be managed but with some difficulty and lots of extra training, socialization, and supervision.

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