Lab And Rottweiler Mix – A Special Cross Between Guard and Family Dogs

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Rottadors are one of those pets that combine seemingly contradictory traits. Meet the Lab and Rottweiler mix – a special cross between guard and family dogs. This cross is still considered “a designer breed” but it’s popular enough that Rottadors can be found in shelters and rescues.

Would you want to get such a dog, however? Is a Rottweiler and Lab combination even a consistently good one? Don’t these dogs have almost opposite personalities? Let’s go over the details below.

Lab and Rottweiler Mix Physical Appearance

The Rottador can come in several different colors and color combinations. The most common ones are black, brown, and grey and those can be either come as a mix or in a single color. What’s consistent, however, is that the Rottador’s coat is always short and dense, with a soft undercoat, and similar to that of a Rottweiler.

If you want a dog that, unlike purebred Labradors, doesn’t shed too much, the Lab and Rottweiler mix is a great choice. They are moderate and seasonal shedders which is easy to manage with good grooming. They are not hypoallergenic, however, so keep that in mind.

Most adult Rottadors will weigh somewhere between 70 and 115 lbs (32 to 52 kg). They will also get as tall as 24 to 27 inches at the shoulder (61 to 69 cm).

As for the rest of this crossbreed’s appearance, it can vary. The muzzle can be shorter like that of a Rottweiler or a bit longer like that of a Labrador. The ears will typically be floppy and the body will be lean, muscular, and well-balanced.

 rottweiler lab mix

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Lab Rott Exercise Needs

Like both its parent breeds, the Lab and Rottweiler mix is a very active and energetic breed. This doesn’t mean that these dogs just like to prance around the house, however. Instead, these dogs need at least a couple of long and active walks a day, ideally 30-60-minutes-long each. In addition, they will also need a lot of yard time and extra playtime indoors with balls, other toys, or other dogs.

In other words, if you like jogging or you’re thinking of starting something like that, a Rottador can be an excellent exercise buddy.

As for whether a yard is necessary – hypothetically, no, but it’s strongly recommended. If you live in a large enough apartment and can give your dog enough outdoor time, you make do without a yard too. But it will still be a huge asset to have a house with a well-fenced yard.

Personality Traits Of The Rottweiler Lab Mix

The temperament of these dogs is their most unique and fascinating aspect. This stems from the sometimes polar-opposite personality traits of the two parent breeds.

Rottweilers are a working type breed that’s been used for various tasks throughout the centuries. It was used as a cattle herder, as a butcher’s dog for cart pulling, for guard dog by countless homeowners, and even as a war dog by the Romans. Today, the Rottweiler breed is largely recognized as a great guard dog (as well as a pet) and that’s because of its loyalty and obedience as well as its tenacity and instinctive suspicion toward strangers.

Labradors, on the other hand, are a retriever gundog breed. This means that they are very social, very cooperative and smart, very smart and obedient, but also – that they have little to no aggression toward other people and dogs.

So, a mix between these two breeds can either produce an anti-social dog that doesn’t like strangers or a perfectly social dog that feels comfortable around everyone. Most of the time, however, a Rottador will fall somewhere in between.

What Does This Tell Us About The Lab and Rottweiler Mix’s Personality?

  • These dogs need proper obedience training and socialization to make sure they behave around strangers.
  • If trained properly, they can make great guard dogs.
  • They are good with other family pets and children as long as they are introduced to them adequately. It’s still a good idea to supervise a small child with such a large dog to prevent accidental knocks and falls, however.
  • They are loyal and loyal dogs.
  • One argument against raising Rottadors with small children is that the dog may be aggressive to the child’s other kid friends.
  • Separation anxiety may be an issue if your Rottador takes a lot from its Labrador parent.

Picking and Caring For Healthy Lab Rott Mix Puppies

By all accounts, this is a pretty healthy crossbreed. Some of the rare health issues you’ll need to watch out for include:

However, if you get a healthy dog from a reputable breeder and you take good care of it, most of those will be easy to avoid. Reputable breeders will always offer health certificates for their pups as well as for their parents. With the right care, a Rottador can live up to 9-12 years on average or even a bit more.

Pros and Cons Of The Lab and Rottweiler Mix


  • The Rottador is very easy to groom and look after
  • These dogs are very smart, loyal, and affectionate pets
  • Their Rottweiler instincts make them great guard dogs as well as family pets


  • While a well-trained Rottador will be safe for your children, it can be aggressive toward strangers, including your kids’ friends
  • Separation anxiety is an issue so this dog needs a lot of attention just as its Labrador parent breed does as well
  • This is a highly energetic breed so it’s not suited for a more indoorsy lifestyle or apartment living

Is The Lab and Rottweiler Mix Right For You?

Whether this breed is suitable for you and your family will depend entirely on your lifestyle. If you live in an apartment and/or prefer to stay indoors for most of your time – a Rottador will likely be unhappy with you. The same goes if you work away from home and you have to leave your dog home alone for most of the day.

On the other hand, if you love jogging, hiking, and generally spending time outside with your family and dog, a Rottador can be an excellent pet. It can be distrustful toward strangers but if your lifestyle is social enough and you socialize the dog properly, it will accept interactions from strangers too.

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