Yellow Lab Akita Mix – A Unique And Strong-Willed Combination

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Crossing two very different dog breeds is often a very exciting proposition. Such is the case with the yellow lab Akita mix – a unique and strong-willed combination. Purebred labs are the most popular pet dog breed in the world today thanks to their easy trainability and playful, outgoing character. On the other hand, the Japanese Akita Inu breed is notorious for loyalty and calm nature, as well as its strength, dominance, and strong character.

This makes the Akita lab mix – or Labrakita – a very curious proposition. Is this crossbreed going to take the lab’s eagerness to please or the Akita’s self-determination? Is it going to be social and outgoing or a vigilant family guardian? Let’s delve deeper below.

What Does A Yellow Lab Akita Mix Look Like?

If you know what a purebred Akita Inu looks like, you know why we favor the yellow lab Akita mix. With both parent breeds having a gorgeous golden coat, the Labrakita mix always has a consistent and beautiful look. This isn’t to say that a brown or black lab can’t be mixed with an Akita Inu – they can, and the result can be beautiful, but it can also vary a lot between the black, brown, and yellow colors.

Labrakitas will also have dense and double-layered medium-length coats. And, yes – as you’d guess, such coats shed a lot. So, be prepared for regular brushing and grooming.

Aside from the coat’s color and type, the standard Akita lab mix full-grown size you can expect is also important. Many people don’t realize this but Akita Inus are actually very large dogs – bigger than the standard Labrador. So, the Labrakita mix is also pretty big. The standard parameters you can expect are 22 to 27 inches at the withers (56 to 69 cm) with males being notable larger than females. As for weight, that varies between 70 and 110 pounds (32 to 50 kg).

As for the rest of their physical features – those can vary. A Labrakita can have the signature small-faced and small-eyed look on a wide face. Or, it can have the typical lab’s wide smile. Or, it can be anywhere in between. You can view this uncertainty as a con or you can view it as assurance that you’ll be getting a very unique dog.

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The Personality Of The Labrakita

The character and temperament of this breed is its biggest point of contention. Akitas and labs are just very different breeds and you can’t know which way your Labrakita is going to lean. So, you have to be ready for either of the two extremes – a very social and outgoing dog or one that’s very guarded and calm.

Whichever way your dog leans, however, both obedience training and socialization are a must. Without them, your dog will be socially aloof and disobedient at best and outright dominant and aggressive at worst. This is a big reason why Labrakitas – like purebred Akitas – aren’t recommended for first-time dog owners.

If you know what you’re doing, however, and you train your dog well, a Labrakita can be a very loyal, gentle, friendly, and protective dog. So, it’s all about how you handle your pup. A properly trained Labrakita can also be great with kids and even with other pets.

How Much Exercise Does A Yellow Lab Akita Mix Need?

As both parent breeds are pretty energetic, this crossbreed needs about 90 or more minutes of exercise a day. This can be jogging, hiking, and/or playing in the dog park. Some yard or indoor playtime is also welcome but won’t negate the need for rigorous exercise outside.

Akita Lab Mix Lifespan and Health

The standard expected lifespan of this crossbreed is 10 to 13 years. That’s pretty standard and is to be expected as it’s the same for the two parent breeds. And, as both Akitas and Labradors are pretty healthy, you can easily pass the 13-year mark with a healthy pup and good care.

Obviously, finding a healthy pup can be an issue as this is technically a designer breed and there aren’t many standards on its breeding practices. Finding a reputable breeder who offers health certificates is an absolute must. If you’re adopting, make sure to get a full health history too.

Still, there aren’t very many health issues to worry about with this crossbreed. Here are the main things to note:

Pros and Cons Of The Yellow Lab Akita Mix


  • The natural protective and territorial instincts of this dog make it an excellent watchdog
  • For all its strength and dominance the Labrakita is a very loving and gentle family dog when trained well
  • A properly trained Labrakita can be the definitive “gentle giant”


  • This is a strong-willed dog and poor training will result in disobedience
  • The Labrakita is a strong and dominant dog – not recommended for first-time dog owners
  • Food aggression is a thing with some dog breeds and the Labrakita is a prime example – don’t bother this dog when it’s eating

Should You Get A Labrakita?

We covered the Labrakita’s many excellent qualities above, however, we also often said: “When well-trained”. This is quite intentional as proper obedience training is an absolute must for this dog. That’s also the case with purebred Akita Inus. You’d think that the mix with a Labrador Retriever would make their cross more obedient and that’s technically true – there is a chance that your Labrakita is going to be less headstrong than a purebred Akita.

However, if you are to get such a dog you need to be ready to have a very Akita-like canine. This means that excellent socialization and thorough obedience training are a must. If you have the experience and know-how (or you’ve done the research), this crossbreed can be a phenomenal pet for you and your family. However, the general advice we must give is that the Labrakita is not recommended for inexperienced owners.

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