Beagle Lab Mix – The Perfect Family Dog?

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Not all dog breeds are fit for family life but how about a Labrador mixed with beagle – the perfect family dog or an unpredictable cross? Labradors are the most popular breed out there and beagles are also fan-favorites. However, their cross is a bit slow in gaining popularity.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Beagador is not a great breed, however. In fact, it’s a breed we’d eagerly recommend this crossbreed to most wanna-be dog owners out there. So, let’s go over these dogs’ specifics and characteristics below.

What Are The Physical Characteristics Of a Beagle Lab Mix?

As a mix between larger and smaller dog breeds, the Beagador can vary quite a bit in size. For a beagle lab mix full-grown size usually means anything between 13 and 22 inches height (33 to 56 cm) and 25 to 65 lbs weight (11 to 30 kg).

This can seem like a stunning difference but remember that the standard weight of an adult beagle is ~20 lbs (10 kg) and its height – around 13 inches (33 cm). In contrast, grown-up Labradors sometimes weigh as much as 80 lbs (36 kg) and can grow up to 25 inches (63 cm).

As for the coat of a Labrador mixed with beagle, the bad news is that it’s usually short and dense but also with a thick undercoat.  If you’ve owned a lab before you know that this means a lot of dog hair flying around the house. To minimize this problem you’ll need to take extra good care of your Beagador’s coat – daily brushings, frequent baths, and the occasional trip to the groomer are all recommended.

The color of these dogs is usually monochromatic or a combination of two colors. The options here are near-endless, however. Labradors usually come in one of three colors – black, yellow, and chocolate. Beagles, on the other hand, can be black, brown, white, blue, red, lemon, fawn, redtick, bluetick, tan, or a combination of those colors. So, a Beagador can also come in any of these colors.

 beagle lab mix full grown

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The Unique Personality Of A Beagle Lab Mix

The temperament of most crossbreeds is usually very unpredictable. Fortunately, beagles and Labradors are very much alike. So, a Labrador mixed with beagle will almost always have a social, lively, gently, and good-natured character.

This makes the breed very suitable for active families who want to spend time outside and go to new places. The inquisitive nature of these dogs makes them natural explorers – they’ll love to join you in any adventure.

What’s more, these dogs are also social and gentle enough to live with both kids and with other dogs. Of course, adequate socialization is still a must. As for other pets such as cats – this can be trickier because of the prey drive of both beagles and Labradors. It’s not impossible, however, as long as you socialize your pets properly.

The high intellect and people-pleasing tendencies of this breed also make it great for training and teaching tricks. Obedience training early on is still necessary, of course – it’s just easier.

The one drawback of this high intelligence is the fact that these dogs are very prone to separation anxiety. This common issue is characterized by a complete intolerance to being left home alone. That’s another reason why this breed is recommended for large families – it’s good if there’s always someone with the dog.

How Healthy Are Beagador Puppies?

Crossbreeds can either be healthier than their parent breeds or more sickly. This all depends on how they are bred. A good breeder will work hard to breed out all undesirable genetic traits from their dogs while puppy mills usually don’t bother doing that. This is a big reason why we don’t recommend buying pups from pet stores and puppy mills. Doing so will result in a dog with any of the following health issues:

However, if you go to a reputable breeder, you’ll maximize your chances of getting a healthy pup. Such a breeder will also give you health certificates for both the pup and its parents. From there, the rest is just a matter of good care. This means that you should give your pup plenty of exercise, good food, and don’t skip the routine vet visits. Do that, and you’ll likely have your Beagador pup with you for up to 15 years!

How Much Exercise Does A Beagle Lab Mix Need?

Even though the Beagador is smaller than a standard Labrador, this breed still needs a lot of exercise and playtime. This usually means 1-2 hours of active outdoor playtime every day. This should be accompanied by a few hours of yard playtime and as much indoor playtime as the dog needs.

Depriving the dog of any of these three types of exercise will usually mean an overweight, bored, and disobedient dog. If you don’t have a yard, you’ll need to be ready for even more time in the dog park.

Pros and Cons Of The Beagador Mix


  • These dogs are very social, friendly, and gentle, especially when properly socialized
  • A great breed for families with kids
  • The Beagador is an energetic and playful breed
  • Both intelligent and a natural pleaser, the Beagador is a joy to train



  • These dogs inherit the dense, super-shedder coats of their parents
  • Separation anxiety can be an issue
  • You need to give these dogs plenty of exercise time
  • Howling can be a problem too


Should You Get A Beagle Lab Mix?

The Beagador is one of the best breeds for active and outdoorsy households with children. As long as there’s always a family member around and you love spending time outside, a Labrador mixed with beagle can be the perfect canine companion for you and your family.

However, if you’re not too fond of the idea of daily trips to the park, this may not be the breed for you. The same goes if you work away from home and you plan on leaving the dog home alone for hours each day.

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