Yellow Lab Dachshund Mix And Its Surprising Qualities

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Some crossbreeds feel like they shouldn’t be physically possible but they exist. One such example is the yellow lab dachshund mix and its surprising qualities. This is a cross between two awesome but drastically different dogs. One is a large retriever breed and the other – a small hound breed with a very different body type.

Called Yellow Doxidors, Dachsadors, and Labshunds these dogs not only exist but are recognized by many kennel clubs and organizations as a perfectly legitimate and healthy crossbreed. And, indeed, as a whole, Yellow Doxidors are fascinating dogs that can make for a fantastic family pet.

What Does The Yellow Lab Dachshund Mix Look Like?

One likely reason for the low popularity of the yellow lab dachshund mix is the fact that there is no consistent breed standard for its looks. And it’s all but impossible for such a standard to exist because pups of this cross can have drastically varying appearances.

The Doxidor’s coat can be either long and coarse or short and dense. Its body can either be elongated as that of a dachshund or “normal” like that of a lab. The coat’s color will either be yellow or will take from the colors of the dachshund parent – black, brown, tan, fawn, or a combination of a few of those.

The facial features will also vary between those of yellow labs and dachshunds – the neck and the muzzle can either be more elongated or shorter and wider. The ears will be floppy as both parent breeds have such ears too. The eyes will be dark brown or black, and the nose – black.

 weiner dog labrador mix

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Dachshund Lab Mix Size Compared To Parent Breeds

Size is where these dogs can vary the most. The height at the shoulder can be anywhere between 15 and 25 inches (38 to 63.5 cm) while the weight of adult Doxidors can be as little as 30 pounds or as much as 80 pounds (13.5 to 36 kg). Still, most dogs will stay somewhere in the middle of those parameters and few Doxidors will get as big and heavy as a purebred yellow lab.

For comparison’s sake, these are the average heights and growth charts of Labradors and Doxies by age:

Age Labrador Average Height Dachshund Average Height
3 months 10 to 15 in (25 to 38 cm) 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm)
5 months 12 to 18 in (30 to 46 cm) 4 to 5 inches (10 to 13 cm)
7 months 15 to 19 in (38 to 48 cm) 5 to 8 inches (13 to 20 cm)
9 months 20 to 23 in (51 to 58 cm) 6 to 9 inches (15 to 23 cm)
11 months 21 to 25 in (53 to 63.5 cm) 6 to 9 inches (15 to 23 cm)
13 months 22 to 25 in (56 to 63.5 cm) 7 to 9 inches (17.5 to 23 cm)
15 months 22 to 25 in (56 to 63.5 cm) 8 to 9 inches (20 to 23 cm)

How Can The Dachshund Lab Mix Even Exist?

It’s actually simpler and easier than it sounds. The main pre-requisites of these two breeds crossing are two:

The female must be a Labrador and the male – a Doxie. A female dachshund will more than likely have trouble giving birth to a crossbreed larger than a standard dachs.

The dachshund must be as large as possible while the lab – as small as possible. Finding such dogs is far from impossible as there are healthy dogs of both breeds that occasionally go above or beyond their breeds’ standards.

So, it is very much possible to crossbreed healthy dogs of those two breeds without ever resorting to artificial insemination. Besides – that too is an option if the breeder wants it. But, overall, crossbreeding a dachs and a lab is much easier than crossing a dachs with an even larger breed such as the Great Dane. Such experiments are also done and widely frowned upon wheres a Doxidor is viewed as “acceptable”.

Personality Traits Of The Wiener Dog Labrador Mix

The yellow lab dachshund mix makes for a very social, friendly, and affectionate dog. That’s no surprise given that the same can be said about the two parent breeds. There are some personality differences between labs and dachshunds, however, and those can be expressed in the Doxidor.

For one, a dachshund is much more of an independent thinker whereas Labradors are people-pleasers. So, a Dachsador can go either way in that regard. If your crossbreed takes more from its dachs parent you will need to be extra diligent with the obedience training but you’ll still get a very affectionate and loyal dog.

Another difference is that dachshunds don’t like other dogs as much as Labradors do. So, if you want a second dog, you better hope that your Doxidor takes more from the personality of its Labrador mom. Otherwise, you’ll have to work extra hard to socialize your dog with other dogs.

Lastly, both Labradors and Doxies can suffer from separation anxiety and the same goes for the Doxidor. To avoid this problem, make sure that your dog is never home alone for long stretches of time.

How Much Exercise Does The Yellow Lab Dachshund Mix Need?

Larger and more lab-like Doxidors will need between an hour and two hours of exercise a day. Smaller dachs-like Doxidors can feel perfectly fine with about an hour of daily exercise. Both sub-types of Doxidors can live well in apartments and don’t need a house and a yard as long as you exercise them enough.

Yellow Lab Dachshund Mix Health Characteristics

Both Labradors and Doxies are relatively healthy dogs and so is their crossbreed. Still, you should try to get your pup from a good and responsible breeder who works to prevent hereditary health issues and who also offers health certificates. The few health problems you’ll need to be especially vigilant of after that include:

Is This Crossbreed The Right Dog For You?

If you work from home or if there’s always going to be someone keeping your dog company, the Doxidor can be a great family pet. Relatively healthy, social, playful, and loyal, with moderate exercise needs, and an easily manageable size, this crossbreed has a lot of advantages. The only thing putting people off is the fact that you don’t really know exactly how your pup is going to look when it grows up.

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