Key Lab Hound Mix Information You Need To Know

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If you’re searching for a truly unique-looking pet, you may want to check out the Bassador. Here’s all the key lab hound mix information you need to know about this breed. A mix between Basset hounds and Labrador retrievers, this is one truly peculiar dog.

While not purebred and only “officially” mixed in the early 2000s, the Bassador crossbreed has been around for quite some time. You can find dogs of this mix in every other shelter and rescue. However, as of late there are more and more breeders who offer such crosses for relatively low prices.

Would this breed be the right pet for your home, however? And does a cross of two so different parent breeds even have any defining characteristics? Let’s look into the Bassador a bit more below.

What Does The Lab Hound Mix Look Like?

It’s virtually impossible to say what a Bassador puppy will look like when it grows up. In fact, that’s a big part of the reason why Bassador pups aren’t recognized by most kennel clubs and why they likely never will be. The physical differences between Basset hounds and Labrador retrievers are so significant that their offspring can look like either parents or have any mixed combination of physical characteristics. This applies even to pups in the same litter.

For example, a black lab and basset hound mix color can either be fully black or can look like a Basset hound. Alternatively, a Bassador from a yellow lab parent can be fully yellow or have a Basset-like coloration.

As for size, the standard lab hound mix full-grown size will fall anywhere between 13 and 20 inches at the shoulder (32.5 and 51 cm) and can weigh anywhere between 45 and 70 pounds (20 and 32 kg).

The dog can either have short legs and an elongated body or be quite athletic in its build. The ears can be long and sloppy or short and triangular. The same goes for the muzzle – it can look like either parent breeds’ muzzle.

Pretty much the only consistent part of their outward appearance is the coat. It’s always going to be short and thick, with a layer of undercoat to make this breed safe in any weather. Naturally, you can expect quite a lot of shedding too so regular brushing and grooming are advised.

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Lab Hound Mix Temperament

The expected temperament of these pups is a bit more consistent. While Basset hounds tend to be more stubborn and strong-willed than a lab, both parents are intelligent, social, playful, and loyal to their families. Obedience training and socialization will always be a must, they’ll just be a bit more challenging if your Bassador takes more from its Basset hound parent. This is also why the Bassador is usually not as recommended for rookie owners as some other breeds.

Note that separation anxiety can be an issue too as it is a big problem for Labradors. And, as Basset hounds love digging, leaving a Bassador alone in the yard for too long can lead to a significant change in your yard’s landscape.

Fortunately, Bassadors get along with kids and even babies quite well, especially when they are properly socialized. Both Labradors and Basset hounds are loving and loyal enough to feel fine with new family members. Other dogs also shouldn’t be a problem if you’re raised and socialized your Bassador properly. However, cats and other pets can be an issue as this breed will likely retain a lot the hunting instincts and prey drive of its hound parent.

Exercise Needs Of A Basset Hound Mixed With Lab

The exercise requirements of this crossbreed can vary but must always be met as these dogs are prone to gaining weight. If your Bassador is more lab-like it will need about a couple of hours of vigorous outdoor exercise time plus some yard/indoor playtime too. If the Bassador is more Basset hound-like, the time spent in the dog park can be a bit shorter but still shouldn’t fall below an hour a day.

Lab Hound Mix Health Information

Both of the Bassador’s parent breeds are relatively healthy but they do have a few common health concerns. So, the cross between them can either avoid all its parents’ negative health predispositions or stumble upon all their problems. This is why it’s recommended to always get your pups from reputable breeders instead of pet stores and puppy mills. Unless, of course, you’re adopting from a shelter.

Either way, the main health issues to watch out for include:

Getting a healthy puppy with a health certificate from a reputable breeder is a good first step to avoiding most of these problems. The next steps are proper diet, regular exercise, and routine vet check-ups. Do all this and your Bassador will likely reach and surpass the average expected lifespan of 10 to 12 years for this breed.

Pros and Cons Of A Basset Hound Mixed With Lab


  • Very unique look
  • Social, playful, and gentle personality
  • Good with kids


  • No breed standard appearance and physical characteristics
  • Health can vary a lot between pups
  • The breed’s prey drive can cause problems with other pets
  • Separation anxiety might be an issue

Based On This Lab Hound Mix Information, Is This The Right Dog For You?

The Bassador is unique not only compared to other dog breeds but even compared to other Bassadors. Dogs of this cross are truly “one of a kind” as each pup will inherit drastically different appearance and even personality traits from its parents.

If you’re not after a specific look, however, and you just want a unique and funky-looking dog that makes for a great family pet – the Bassador is a great choice. These dogs are neither too big nor too small, they are quite friendly, and they have moderate health, grooming, and exercise needs. The shedding can catch some owners off-guard but that’s the case with many other dog breeds including purebred Labradors.

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