Treeing Tennessee Brindle Lab Mix – A Joyous and Playful Unique Pet

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If you are a fan of both brindle-coated dogs and Labradors, take a look at the Treeing Tennessee Brindle Lab mix – a joyous and playful unique pet. These dogs are crosses between the standard Labrador Retriever breed and the rare Treeing Tennessee Brindle dogs.

This is essentially a mix between a trailing scenthound and a water retriever breed. As such, these dogs combine all the fascinating personality traits of both breed types. This makes for a somewhat unpredictable but incredibly fun pet to have. Is the Treeing Tennessee Brindle Lab mix the right pet for you, however?

What Does The Treeing Tennessee Brindle Lab Mix Look Like?

Treeing Tennesse Bridnel dogs or TTB dogs tend to have a very lab-like body frame, just in a smaller package. They are also leaner and more athletic than standard labs but the overall body shape is still similar.

This means that a TTB Lab mix will always look fairly consistently, particularly when it comes to its muzzle and ear shape. The size can vary, however, as most TTB dogs are two times lighter than Labradors. A purebred TTB will weigh between 30 and 45 pounds (14 to 20 kg) while a Labrador can be as heavy as 65 to 80 pounds (30 to 36 kg).

Heightwise, the difference between the two parent breeds isn’t that major as both can grow as tall as 24 inches (61 cm). Still, TTB dogs are often shorter and can be just 16 inches tall (41 cm) while adult labs rarely fall under 20 inches (51 cm).

The coat is another obvious difference between the two parent breeds. The TTB dog’s coat is shorter than that of a lab and it sheds less. So, if you want a Labrador mix that doesn’t cover your entire home with fur, a mix with a Treeing Tennessee Brindle dog is a good option. Still, the mixed pup can always take more from its lab parent and still breed quite a bit.

And, obviously, the brindle hound parent of this mix has a gorgeous brown-black brindle coat that isn’t found in labs. Depending on what color lab the TTB has been mixed with (yellow, brown, or black), the crossbreed’s color can vary. We recommend mixes with brown or black labs to retain the brindle pattern as much as possible. Although, a mix with a yellow lab can also look gorgeous.

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Lab Mix Brindle Temperament

The TTB Lab mix has a wonderful, social, and playful temperament. These dogs love to be around people, get along great with kids and with other dogs, and can be very amicable toward strangers with good socialization. Although, their strong prey drive does make them a bad pet to have with cats.

Proper obedience training is, of course, still a must. You should also watch out for separation anxiety if you work away from home – these dogs need people around them almost at all times. They are also quite talkative and love to bark and howl for fun. This means that you should either live in a house or train your dog not to bark too much if you want to spare your neighbors a noisy nightmare.

Aside from that, this is a very gentle and loving dog that would love to snuggle with you on the couch once you’re back from the dog park.

What Are The Exercise Requirements Of Lab Brindle Dogs?

One thing to note about these mixed dogs is that they are highly energetic. Anything under two hours of strenuous daily exercise will be insufficient for these playful dogs. Having a yard is also strongly recommended but even that won’t make the trips to the dog park any less necessary.

Also, keep in mind that these dogs will have a much stronger prey drive than a standard Labrador. This means that you should always keep your dog leashed or behind a tall fence if you don’t want it running away after a squirrel or a stray cat.

Healthy Information For A Brindle Labrador Puppy

Both TTB dogs and Labradors are very healthy dogs when they come from responsible breeders. This means that if you pick your TTB lab mix carefully, you’ll be almost guaranteed to get a healthy dog that easily lives beyond the average of 10 to 12 years.

However, the emphasis here is on “pick it carefully”. This means that you should always ask the breeder for a health certificate and ask to see the dog’s parents. If you’re adopting from a shelter or a rescue, you should still ask for a detailed vet check-up first. And, whatever you do, never get your dog from a puppy mill or a pet store – such places almost never pay any attention to the health of the dogs they are breeding.

If you’re not careful or you’re just unlucky, your Treeing Tennessee Brindle Lab mix may have some of the following health problems:


Pros and Cons Of The Treeing Tennessee Brindle Lab Mix


  • This is a very active and playful dog breed – perfect for outdoorsy types of people
  • The gorgeous brindle coat is very fascinating on a lab
  • This smaller-than-average lab is great with children and other dogs


  • Separation anxiety is a big issue
  • This is a very talkative dog that loves to howl and bark
  • This mix’s strong prey drive makes life with cats nearly impossible
  • Wanderlust is also something to watch out for

Treeing Tennessee Brindle Lab Mix – Is This The Right Dog For You?

Overall, this mix is fantastic for people who want a unique lab to go jogging or hiking with. TTB lab mixes are smaller and lighter than normal Labradors. They are also playful and energetic but still obedient and very easy to train.

As long as you’re around to keep them company and you’re always up for playtime in the dog park, you’d be a great owner for these dogs. However, if you’re going to be away from home for most of each day and you are more of an indoorsy person, you’d do well to pick a different breed.

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