Is An Australian Shepherd Mixed With Black Lab The Perfect Pet?

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Everyone has different preferences for their canine companion. Still, there’s a reason why some breeds are more popular than others. So, is an Australian shepherd mixed with a black lab the perfect pet? After all, these are two of the most popular and beloved dog breeds in the world.

With labs being a great pet, working, and hunting breed and Australia shepherds being a phenomenal shepherd and awesome pet breed, the Aussiedor mix definitely has a lot going for it. But, let’s see if this is the right pet for you.

What Type Of Appearance Can You Expect From An Australian Shepherd Mixed With A Black Lab?

Labrador Retrievers are generally a bit larger than the average Aussie shepherd. So, an Australian shepherd mix lab full grown’s size will usually average out between the size of the two parent breeds. Some variation is to be expected but most time your dog will grow to somewhere between 18 and 24 inches in height at the shoulder (46 and 61 cm). In terms of weight, an adult Aussiedor should be between 40 and 80 pounds (18 and 36 kg) if it’s not overweight.

This variation can seem striking at first but it’s pretty standard for mixed breeds. Plus, it also doesn’t account for the difference between the sexes as female dogs are typically smaller anyway.

As for the rest of this crossbreed’s appearance, the Aussiedor should always have a very athletic and well-built body. After all, both its parent breeds have similar athleticism and physical features. The coats really are the main difference between labs and Aussie shepherds.

An Australian shepherd’s coat is long and wavy while a lab coat is typically shorter and denser. In terms of colors, labs are always single-colored and either black, brown, or yellow. Australian shepherds, on the other hand, are usually tri-colored with white and black being the main colors together with beige, tan, brown, cream, or brindle.

So, an Aussiedor’s coat can vary in length between short and medium, although it will always be double-coated. Naturally, it will also shed quite a bit as both parent breeds shed. As for the colors of this crossbreed, they can vary a lot but will usually be bi-colored or tri-colored. This is a big reason why we love the Australian shepherd mixed with a black lab because it makes for a more consistent and gorgeous coat.

Temperament Specifics Of An Australian Shepherd Mix With Lab

You can rest assured that this crossbreed will almost always have a social, playful, and friendly personality. Some variation is always normal from one individual to the next, of course, but both parent breeds are known to be extremely well-mannered, intelligent, and social dogs. In fact, Aussie shepherds consistently top all the charts in dog’s intelligence competitions.

The high intelligence combined with a social and people-pleasing nature means that these dogs are typically easy to train too. Obedience training is still a must, of course, as without it any dog can be difficult to deal with. Once you’ve got that down, however, you will have a great time with that faithful and loyal companion.

These dogs are very social and outgoing too, as are their parent breeds. Good socialization is still required, as is always the case. Besides, Aussie shepherds are not quite as social as labs so proper socialization is especially important. With it, however, your Aussiedor will feel perfectly calm and fine in the company of your kids, friends, guests, and even strangers and other dogs. Even a lab’s prey drive can be negated with good socialization if you want to have a cat home with your dog.

These dogs are very social and outgoing too

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All this is great but you should watch out for separation anxiety – a very common problem for any highly intelligent, energetic, and social dog breed.

How Much Exercise Does An Australian Shepherd Mixed With A Black Lab Need?

Lots of it. The Aussiedor is a high-energy working dog that needs and wants to be in motion. This means that ~2 hours of intensive outdoor exercise a day is basically a must. Some playtime in a fenced yard is also great but it doesn’t negate the 2 hours in the dog park. Without that, your dog will grow to be restless, dissatisfied, disobedient, and unhealthy.

Australian Shepherd Mix Lab Lifespan and Health

Labrador Retrievers have a standard lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Aussie shepherds tend to live longer, however, so they push the average lifespan of the Aussiedor crossbreeds up to 10 to 15 years. This is just an average, of course, and is strongly influenced by whether you’ve got a healthy pup from the right breeder and how well you’ve cared for it. In the best-case scenarios, these dogs can surpass the 15-year mark and even reach 20 years of age.

The few health issues you should watch out for in this otherwise healthy breed include:

Pros and Cons Of Getting An Australian Shepherd Mixed With A Black Lab


  • This is an incredibly smart and easy-to-train crossbreed
  • Aussielabs are great with kids and other pets
  • The Australian shepherd mixed with black lab is as gorgeous as it is playful and gentle


  • You can expect quite a bit of shedding
  • Separation anxiety is a big thing to watch out for
  • This crossbreed has significant exercise needs

Is The Aussiedor The Right Dog For You?

If you want a smart, energetic, playful, and social mid-to-large-sized dog, an Australian shepherd mixed with a black lab can be the perfect dog for you. Like both its parent breeds, the Aussielab excels in virtually all characteristics and fields you’d expect from a pet dog.

Of course, as with any dog breed that’s both energetic and social, you need to be able to meet this dog’s needs. If you can’t offer enough outdoor exercise and/or if you need to leave your dog home alone for too long every day, separation anxiety will very likely hit your dog quite hard.

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