120 Unique Female Labrador Names Hunting Dogs Would Wear Proudly

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Are you getting a new lab soon? A new faithful hunting companion? If you’re wondering what to name her, here are 120 unique female Labrador names hunting dogs would wear proudly. And, if you’re getting a boy – don’t worry, we’ve thrown in some boys’ names below as well.

After all, finding the right name for your hunter or huntress is quite important. The name of a hunting dog is much more than a pet’s name tag – it’s one of the key tools for communication with your four-legged partner while you’re on the trail.

Important Factors when choosing a Labrador Names

When choosing and thinking about a nickname for your puppy, it is important to remember a few rules:

  • read the description of the breed, it’s main characteristics and habits;
  • consider the opinion of all family members, chasing originality, do not choose hard-to-pronounce and bizarre made-up names; follow the reaction of the pet when pronouncing the options for nicknames;
  • give a name to the dog only after getting to know her, watch her behavior in your house for several days;
  • choose a nickname corresponding to the character and habits of your pet;
  • try in the presence of a pet to name the most interesting options in your opinion and follow the reaction. Choose the name for which there will be the first positive response;
  • consider the color of a Labrador: fawn, black, chocolate or golden; it is desirable to choose names from two, maximum three syllables, harmoniously perceived by ear.

37 Best Common Female Labrador Hunting Names

Which name is best and which is just ok is obviously highly subjective. In fact, what’s great for one may be cringe or outright horrible for another. Still, there are some names that are consistently and widely popular for female hunting labs. So, let’s get started with some of the more common yet great names hunters choose for their girl lab companions:


What Makes For The Best Hunting Labrador Names?

Of course, a hunting lab’s name is a matter of much more than just whether it’s cute or funny. Instead, a hunting dog’s name is going to be a big part of how you communicate with your dog when you’re out in the field.

So, while Princess is a great name for a female dog, some hunters may feel like shouting “Princess!” across the forest is less than ideal. Similarly, extra-long dog names, while often cute and funny, also aren’t great for quick and efficient communication.

And then, there’s the question of training – something hunting dogs have to deal with much more so than family pets. As it turns out, what you name your dog does matter for how its training goes too. Some names are just more effective than others in that regard.

What Makes For The Best Hunting Dog Names

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And, lastly, there’s something to say about the psychology of dog names. Many experts speculate that giving pets human names isn’t a good idea as it further urges us to anthropomorphize them. Many people are ok with that and you might be too. But it’s still worth it to consider this before you name your hunting dog.

With that little bit of theory out of the way, let’s jump into a few more name categories below.

14 Badass Female Hunting Dog Names

Some might find it cringe but we do love naming our dogs with an outright badass name. Obviously, you wouldn’t name a child Empress or Huntress, but how are those not great names for a hunting dog? After all, it’s your dog’s profession to dominate the hunting ground, so a name such as Missle or Spear feels only fitting.

 23 Divinely-inspired Female Labrador Hunting Names

The many human religions and mythologies are full of awesome goddesses and heroines. Many of them are goddesses of the hunt too – in fact, the ancient peoples all across the globe seem to have loved the idea of a female huntress goddess. There are also many other goddesses of war, beauty, fate, and so on – all of which can make for a great hunting lab name.


26 Nature-based female Labrador Hunting Names

A very fitting and effective choice is to just go to nature for some inspiration. Names such as Autumn or Daisy are so awesome that even parents often name their little girls that way. Plus, there are other cool names such as Rain, Raven, or Midnight.


20 Pop-culture-based Names For A Female Hunting Lab

There are lots of fantastic female heroines in pop culture, especially in recent days. With many of them being badass warriors or huntresses, it’s a pretty easy and fitting solution to just pick such a character for your female lab. Ripley, for example, has been a great choice for decades after Sigourney Weaver played the alien-killing character back in 1979. Or, maybe you’d fancy a newer character such as Katniss from the Hunger Games series or the demon hunter Mazikeen from Lucifer?


24 Awesome Hunting Dog Names Lab Males Would Also Love

We just went through 120 great names for female hunting labs so it’d only be only fair if we mention a few popular male lab names too.  This isn’t to dissuade you from getting a female dog, of course – maybe consider getting both a female and a male lab? Besides, many of these names and the ones above can be viewed as pretty unisex anyway.


How Not to Name a Labrador?

Of course, the choice of the dog’s name is the owner’s full privilege. It depends on the personal preferences of the owner, attitude towards the pet and many other factors.
However, there are recommendations from experts on how you still should not name your pet, we list them:

  • do not call a Labrador puppy by the names of his parents: do not choose nicknames that cause bad associations;
  • definitely don’t name a dog after a deceased pet. Such “continuity” of the name in the future may be associated with negative experiences, sadness. Subconsciously, these associations will be transferred to the current pet, which will not be useful. Avoid names and nicknames with negative connotations, as dogs are sensitive to intonations, facial expressions, and the general mood of the owner;
  • do not call your pet difficult words;
  • do not choose a nickname with a lot of growling sounds that provoke aggression and anger in animals;
  • do not name the dog by the people names of the country where you live;
  • do not give a name whose meaning you do not know.

In the name of an animal, as well as in the name of a person, information about his character is encrypted. And the name given to the puppy will definitely manifest itself in the character and behavior of an adult dog. This comes from the fact that constantly hearing the sound of his nickname, which carries encoded information, the pet will not be able to behave in accordance with it.
The name should accurately reflect the personality of the dog. An attentive observer of the behavior of an animal can tell a lot about its owners, and over time, many owners and their pets acquire a clear external resemblance.

A pet’s name is often something superfluous. It’s something that really only holds value for us and not so much for the dog. Pet canines would neither know nor care what their names mean or what they sound like to our human ears. Still, it is fun to know that your pet’s name means something cute, funny, or plain awesome.

With hunting dogs, however, things are a little different. Not only is it cool to name your hunting lab something great but your dog’s name has a much more practical function too. So, even if none of our 100+ suggestions above have caught your eye, we hope that you name your female lab hunting companion something truly fitting.

How to Teach a Labrador to the chosen Name?

After choosing a name, agree with all family members how it is acceptable to name the dog. For a puppy or a newly adopted pet, it is important to clearly understand when they call for him. In order for pets to remember nicknames faster, they need to be positively motivated:

  • call by name when offering food;
  • use the nickname, caressing and encouraging the pet;
  • periodically call the puppy from a distance during the game;
  • at first, before the puppy finally learns what his name is, it is best to always refer to the puppy by his first name. No “baby”, “doggy” or “puppy”, unless you choose to name the dog that way. You should also not attract the attention of a puppy with a whistle. All this will confuse him and slow down his accustoming to the name, and can also create danger on walks and make it difficult to train, because any passerby can attract the attention of your dog just by whistling at him;
  • It is also important to develop the puppy’s ability to immediately respond to the nickname when he is busy with something and not watching the owner, but, for example, playing with a stick. To do this, before giving food and calling him, you should wait until the puppy is distracted. Then you need to pronounce his name and, when the puppy pays attention to you, put a bowl and stroke the baby, repeating his nickname several times.


Interesting Facts!

  • Among the famous dogs, such as the Labrador named Buddy from the movie “King of the Air” stand out, this dog knew how to play basketball.
  • Buddy was Bill Clinton’s chocolate Labrador who was tragically killed by a car in early 2002. The dog was the only one in the president’s family who supported him during the days of a quarrel with Hilary.
  • Booster – the chocolate labrador of Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd.
  • The hero of “Dog Tales” from James Herriot was labrador Brandy.
  • J. Grogan’s excellent novel Marley and Us (as well as the film based on this book, Marley and Me) depicts not the most obedient representative of the breed.
  • Labrador Luas is one of the characters in the book The Incredible Journey by Sheila Barnoford and the film The Way Home, based on the book.
  • However, the celebrities who have given preference to this breed cannot be counted. Among the most crowned are Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Silvia of Sweden, Prince Charles. Among the highest officials of states is Margaret Thatcher.

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