Black Lab Vizsla Mix – An Incredibly Fun And Energetic Pet

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The Vizslador is one of our favorite Labrador crosses. We’re especially fond of the black lab Vizsla mix – an incredibly fun and energetic pet as well as a superb hunting companion with a gorgeous coat. Whatever lab you cross with a Vizsla, however, you will get a very special dog.

Is this dog suitable for you, however? We’ll go over the main characteristics of the Vizslador below, specifically focusing on the “family pet” side of this breed.

Black Lab Vizsla Mix Looks and Appearance

Hungarian Vizslas and Labrador retrievers are more or less the same height so a lab vizsla mix full grown should also be about 20 to 25 inches tall (). As for their weight, there’s a bit of a difference between the two parent breeds. Vizslas are more athletic and lightweight than the average lab. So, a Vizslador can either be as heavy as a purebred lab (up to 80 pounds / 36 kg for males) or it can be lighter like a Vizsla (as light as 44 pounds / 20 kg for females).

As for the rest of this crossbreed’s appearance, it can also vary between the two parent breeds. Vizslas do look a lot like athletic labs – they have a similar muzzle shape and hanging V-shaped ears. As for their coats, Vizslas have a short and gorgeous rusty-red coat. When crossed with a black lab this often produces an even darker red color. Other lab mixes, on the other hand, can introduce either a yellow or a chocolate coloring to the Vizsla’s red.

Black Lab Vizsla Mix Looks and Appearance

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Lab Vizsla Mix Temperament

As hunting and retrieving dogs, both the Vizsla and the lab have very similar personality traits. Both are exceptionally smart, easy to train, playful, social, and affectionate. So – all of these characteristics apply to the Vizslador. Of course, adequate obedience training is still a must.

This makes the mixed breed a great family pet, especially for physically active families with kids who like to (or want to) spend more time having fun outdoors. The Vizslador makes for a fantastic jogging and hiking companion and is a lot of fun to play within the dog park and your yard.

These dogs are also very social and good with strangers (with proper socialization early in life). Vizsladors also get along great with kids and other dogs. The only possible downside of their sociability is that they may be ill-suited for cat owners. Whereas purebred labs tend to get along with cats, Vizslas have stronger prey drives and that can be harder to deal with for cat owners.

Still, good training and socialization can fix that. The reason for the Vizsla’s stronger prey drive is that, historically, they weren’t used just as water retriever dogs ut also as pointers and overall hunting dogs. This stronger prey drive also means that a Vizsla or a Vizslador should always be on a leash when outside and your yard should be extra well-fenced.

Lastly, you should note that, just like a purebred lab, the Vizslador can have troubles with separation anxiety. This is simply due to the highly social and affectionate nature of these dogs – they don’t like being left alone for too long. If you work outside of home, you’d do well not to leave your dog home alone for too long. Consider any or a few of the following alternatives:

  • Have a family member be home when you’re out
  • Hire a dog walker or a dog sitter
  • Arrange for playdates with another dog owner
  • Exhaust your dog with lots of playtime and attention before you go out
  • Get a second dog to keep your Vizslador company

If neither of those is an option, then a social and extra affectionate breed like the Vizslador may not be right for you.

How Much Exercise Does A Vizslador Need?

Lots of it. Two hours of outdoor fun a day is pretty much a must for this crossbreed and that doesn’t include time spent in the yard. This makes the Vizslador a great pet for avid joggers or hikers but a poor choice for people who like to stay home.

In addition to those two hours of jogging and playing in the dog park, you should also add a couple more of playtime in a yard or a really big living room. If you do have a yard, make sure the fence is high and secure. A Vizslador will also love a weekend hike, be it in the mountain or to a nearby lake for a swim.

If you don’t exercise your black lab Vizsla mix well enough you can expect restlessness and disobedience.

Lab Vizsla Mix Lifespan and Health

The average lifespan of this breed should be around 12 years. That’s the average for the two-parent breeds as well. If you’ve taken your pup from a reputable breeder with a health certificate, your dog should be quite healthy and will easily exceed the 12-year average with good care.

If you’ve taken your pet from a puppy mill, however, you should watch out for any of the following:

Pros and Cons Of The Black Lab Vizsla Mix


  • Highly intelligent and trainable dog
  • Very versatile and effective hunting companion
  • Incredibly gentle, playful, and affectionate family pet


  • Separation anxiety can be an issue
  • The exact physique of this cross can vary between the two parent breeds

So, Is A Black Lab Vizsla Mix The Right Dog For You?

Overall, the Vizslador is very similar to a purebred lab only even more energetic and athletic, and possibly with a stronger prey drive. This seemingly boundless energy is offset by these dogs’ easy trainability, however. So, if you’re up for the challenge of such an energetic and outdoorsy dog and you can deal with its possible separation anxiety, the lab Vizsla mix is a great pet to have.

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