Chesapeake Bay Retriever vs Lab Retriever – Which Is The Right Pet For You?

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Chessies and labs are two undoubtedly awesome pet breeds. One is much more popular than the other but that doesn’t mean Chessies can’t be better-suited pets than labs for some people. So, Chesapeake Bay retriever vs lab retriever – which is the right pet for you?

Chesapeake Bay Retriever vs Lab Retriever – Physique and Health

In terms of how they look, Chessies and labs are much more similar than other breeds. And that is pretty astonishing given that the two breeds aren’t actually related. Yes, they both fare from Newfoundland and are both hunting/retriever breeds but they seem to have different ancestry despite some rumors of Chessies being related to silver labs.

And yet, they look almost identical. Both Chessies and American labs have a very similar physique. For example, they both weigh somewhere between 55 and 80 pounds (25 to 36 kg). In terms of height, the Chessie can be a bit taller than a lab – 21 to 26 inches (53 to 66 cm) compared to the lab’s 21 to 25 inches (53 to 63.5 cm) on average.

This slight difference does mean that the Chessie is a bit more athletic than the overall sturdy lab, however, that’s barely noticeable. Overall, the two dogs have almost indistinguishable physique and head features. Both breeds also require a lot of physical exercise – don’t be fooled by the Chessie’s calmer demeanor, that breed still needs quite a lot of outdoor playtime.

The differences between Chessies and English labs are a bit more stark. That’s because English labs are shorter and chunkier than their American counterparts. Even they do look a lot like a Chessie, though – just a bit shorter one.

The only major visual difference between these two breeds is their coat. As we know, labs can be black, brown, or yellow. Chessies, on the other hand, can only be brown, albeit several different shades of it. In addition, while both breeds have short, dense, and waterproof double-layered coats, Chessies’ upper coat layer is wavy while labs’ coats are straight. And that really is the main way to tell a Chessie apart from a brown American lab.

Chessies’ upper coat layer is wavy while labs’ coats are straight

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Chessie vs Lab Health

In terms of health, both labs and Chessies tend to be relatively healthy breeds with just a few possible issues to watch out for. Both can suffer from Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) as well as  Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, with Chesapeake Bay retrievers also sometimes suffering from Degenerative Myelopathy.

All in all, however, both breeds can live about 10 to 13 years on average with ease. A healthy pup of either breed can also go past that average by multiple years given good care.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever vs Lab Retriever – Personality and Intelligence

This is where the main differences between Chessies and labs lie. Unlike the overly playful, social, and outgoing American lab, Chesapeake lab retrievers are much calmer and guarded. This isn’t to say that they behave like guard dogs but that they are just more wary toward strangers and unfamiliar situations compared to the happy-go-lucky lab.

This is something that the Chessie shares with the English lab. A well-known difference between English and American labs is that the former isn’t just shorter but also more calm and collected than its American cousin. In that sense, a Chessie can be said to have the personality of an English lab in the body of an American lab plus a few waves in its hair.

Does this mean that one is better than the other? Not really – each of the two types of personality is suitable for different households. It’s all a matter of whether you want a more social and outgoing dog for your social and outgoing lifestyle or not.

Aside from that, with good socialization early in the pup’s life, both Chessies and labs can be excellent for families with kids or other dogs. Separation anxiety is also something these two dog breeds have in common as neither tolerates being left home alone for too long.

Chessie vs Lab Trainability

Training is another area where these two breeds tend to differ a bit. While both Chessies and labs are incredibly smart working dogs, the Chessie does have a bit more of an independence streak. This means that they do require more firm and continuous obedience training if you don’t want them to get any ideas about them being the alpha of your household.

The very high trainability of the lab is one of the major reasons why they are the most popular pet dog breed today. Chessies are still great pets and can be suitable even for first-time dog owners, of course – they just require a bit more know-how and attention in their upbringing and training.

What About Chesapeake Bay Labs?

The Chesapeake lab crossbreed is certainly an interesting mix. As these two dogs look so much alike, you can expect their cross to have a very consistent look too. The only real variation will be in the wavy hair or lack thereof as well as the character of the dog. A Chesapeake Bay lab cross will either be more social and easily trainable or will be a bit calmer and guarded – that’s all.

Pros and Cons Of Chessies and Labs

Lab Pros:

  • Very social and outgoing
  • Easy to train

Lab Cons:

  • Can be a bit too hyperactive for some people

Chessie Pros:

  • A much calmer personality
  • Tends to live about a year longer on average

Chessie Cons:

  • Requires a bit more obedience training

Chesapeake Bay Retriever vs Lab Retriever – Which Is The Right Dog For You?

Both dogs are gorgeous, playful, and gentle with their families. They also require a lot of outdoor exercises and both can be affected by separation anxiety. Both can work in various households too and are great with kids. Both can also shed a lot so have a good brush at the ready regardless of which one you pick.

The only real difference is in whether you want a more hyperactive and outgoing dog that’s also easy to train. Or, whether you want a calmer and more reserved dog that will require a bit more obedience training.

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