Husky Lab Mix Full Grown Size, Personality, Health, And More

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Mixing two popular breeds always lead to curious results as is the case with the Labsky or Huskydor cross. So, here’s what we know about the husky lab mix full-grown size, personality, health, and more. These two breeds are similar in a lot of ways but are also quite different in a few others. So, let’s see what you can expect from such a dog and whether it’s the right pet for you.

Husky Lab Mix Full-grown Size and Appearance

Labrador Retrievers and Huskies are relatively similar in size with Huskies being somewhat lighter and more athletic. So, the average Labsky size parameters will usually be about 20 to 25 inches in height at the shoulders (51 to 63.5 cm) and 40 to 70 pounds of total weight (18 to 32 kg).

The head shape will be relatively consistent from pup to pup as both parent breeds have similar heads. The ears can vary, however – either floppy or upright. Another variation is whether the Labsky will have the standard husky spitz “mane” or not.

As for the coat as a whole – it will be of a medium length as that’s the case with both breeds. It will also be double-coated and waterproof, as well as resistant to cold temperatures but not to heat. Shaving is not recommended as it will remove your Labsky’s last isolation against the weather around it. You can expect a ton of shedding regardless of which parent’s genes are more prominent in the Labsky too as both huskies and labs shed a lot.

The colors will be black, white, silver, yellow, or brown. The dog will either be single-colored like a lab or will have the standard husky coat pattern with varying colors.

Husky Lab Mix Full-grown Size and Appearance

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What Is The Husky Lab Mix Personality?

This is where the fun begins. As both huskies and labs are incredibly playful and outgoing, you can absolutely expect the same from your Labksy. Such a dog should get along very well with every family member, as well as with kids, guests, friends, and strangers, given enough socialization.

Living with other smaller and non-canine pets can be more of a problem for the Labsky than for a purebred lab, however. That’s because huskies have a much stronger prey drive and that shows in their crossbreed. So – cat owners beware.

As far as intelligence and trainability are concerned – the first is phenomenal but the second is questionable. Both huskies and labs are pretty smart so the same goes for the Labsky. However, while labs are incredibly obedient and easy to train, huskies are some of the most stubborn dogs in the world. So, your Labsky really can go either way. Regardless, proper obedience training is always a must to ensure the best possible results with your dog.

And, whichever parent your dog resembles more, you will always have to watch out for separation anxiety. That’s just always a risk with smart and social dogs such as Labskies, labs, and huskies.

Husky Lab Mix Lifespan and Health

With both breeds being pretty healthy (when bred right), you can expect a good 11 to 13-year average lifespan of these dogs. This is just an average too – with the right care a healthy pup can exceed it by a lot.

If you do encounter any health issues, however, you’ll need to be prepared. The more common problems to watch out for include:

Husky Lab Mix Full-grown Exercise Needs

The Labsky mixed breed needs a lot of physical as well as mental exercise to stay healthy and happy. Both parent breeds of these dogs were bred and trained for accomplishing some fantastic physical feats so now they need an active exercise regime.

So, you should be ready to give this dog about 2 hours of active outdoor exercise every day. This doesn’t include yard time too – we mean outdoor as in playtime in the dog park and jogging to and from the said dog park. Allowing for a few more hours of yard time a day is good but doesn’t replace the need for time outside of it.

Naturally, this makes these dogs ill-suited for apartments. Theoretically, if your apartment is spacious enough and your downstairs neighbors are almost deaf, raising such a large and active dog in an apartment shouldn’t be an issue. In all other cases, having a house with a fenced yard is strongly recommended.

Husky Lab Mix Price

Because both parent breeds are pretty popular and easy to breed, Labsky pups aren’t all that expensive. The standard price you can expect to see should be between $300 and $800. If you’re familiar with designer breeds, you know that this really isn’t much.

Of course, if you want to avoid any of the possible health issues above, we’d advise against shopping from the really low-cost pet stores and puppy mills. Instead, prioritize reputable breeders who offer health certificates or good shelters that give detailed health info. Even if you have to pay a higher price for a healthy pup, this will be offset by the drastically reduced vet bills down the line.

Husky Lab Mix Full-grown Pros and Cons


  • Quite a healthy and sturdy mix
  • Very social and friendly dog
  • A very smart dog that’s quite fun to be around


  • Sheds a lot
  • This is a very active and loud dog
  • Disobedience and nervousness are likely due to separation anxiety

Should You Get A Labsky?

If you want a gorgeous, social, and playful companion with a pretty unique look, then the Labsky can easily be the dog for you. You will need to be able to meet this breed’s exercise requirements, however. Additionally, their lifestyle needs can be a problem if you work away from home and can’t deal with their separation anxiety.

However, if none of those two key factors is a problem the Labsky or Huskador can be an amazing companion for any family and household, regardless of their size and makeup.

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