Are Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix Puppies The Right Choice For You?

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Some dogs just feel like a proper fit but might have some behavioral specifics that are worth noting. So, are black mouth cur lab mix puppies the right choice for you? Curs of all types are generally underappreciated as family pets even though they are the stereotypical American frontier dogs that literally helped Europeans colonize the entire continent.

But perhaps that’s exactly it – they feel too raw and potentially aggressive for some people to consider as family pets?  Let’s see if that’s truly the case down below.

What Do Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix Puppies Look Like?

Black mouth cur –or BMCs for short – are about as large as Labrador retrievers. They can be about an inch higher and a bit heavier but, generally, both dogs are pretty large. So, black mouth cur lab mix puppies get quite big when they get older too.

The black mouth cur lab mix full-grown size you can expect will range between 21 and 25 inches at the shoulder (53 to 63.5. cm) and 60 to 95 pounds total weight (27 to 43 kg).

The color of the BMC lab mix will vary depending on the lab parent’s color. If the mix is between a BMC and a yellow lab, the color will likely be exactly that of a BMC – a yellowish tan with a black mouth. If the lab was brown or black, however, the color will vary between that and the BMC’s tan coat. A black lab BMC mix can easily be 100% black just like the lab parent.

The coat itself will always be short and dense but can either be single- or double-coated. Even if the coat is single-coated, however, it will still shed quite a bit – not as much as a purebred lab, typically, but regular brushing will still be required.

Are Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix Puppies The Right Choice For You

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Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix Personality and Training

We’ve talked about the mountain cur and lab mix before and we concluded that they do need a bit of training but are generally very well-behaved and are a great choice for family pets. Is that also the case with the BMC lab mix?

Not exactly. Black mouth curs tend to have much stronger personalities than mountain curs and Labrador Retrievers. So, the notion that BMCs are not suitable as family pets is usually justified with that. It’s still not true, of course – a capable trainer can take both a purebred BMC and a cross with a lab and raise them into the most obedient and well-mannered dogs you’ve ever seen. However, an experienced hand is needed for that.

Granted, the highly obedient born-to-please character of the lab can offset the dominant personality of the cur. However, that tends to be a bit of a coin toss. If you can observe the pup with its litter before purchasing or spend some time with it outside the shelter when adopting, this can give you a good idea as to which parent the lab cur cross resembles more. Still, proper obedience training will be a must in every case.

As for these dogs’ sociability factor – curs are generally more reserved and anti-social than labs. After all, they were used not just as working dogs but as guard dogs as well. This shouldn’t present any danger for you and your family, however, as long as you’ve taught the dog obedience.

However, if you want the dog to get along with your friends and guests, and to behave well when outside, proper socialization early on in life is also necessary. This way, the dog should even be safe with kids and other dogs or pets. But that’s only when you’ve gone through the dog’s obedience training and socialization properly.

How Much Exercise Do Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix Dogs Need?

Basically, as much as you can afford. Both curs and labs need to expend a lot of energy. So, about two hours of vigorous outdoor exercise a day are a must. You should also add some yard time to that as long as the yard is properly fenced. This isn’t a substitute for the 2 hours spent outside, just an addition to it.

If you don’t have a yard, taking care of such a dog in an apartment can be a challenge. It’s not impossible – every dog can technically be raised in an apartment. However, it better be a very large and spacious apartment for these dogs to easily run and play in. And, even then you can expect your downstairs neighbors to have something to say about it.

Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix Lifespan and Health

As this is a crossbreed you should be careful of where you get your dog from. Healthy BMC lab crosses have 11 to 13 years of average lifespan and can surpass that by a few years with the right care.

However, if the dog is the result of irresponsible breeding, you can expect to see some of the following issues:

Pros and Cons Of Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix Puppies


  • The two-parent breeds can offset some of their inherent disadvantages if you pick your pup well
  • An excellent dog for outdoorsy people who like to jog or go hiking every weekend
  • Separation anxiety is less of an issue than it is with purebred labs


  • This cross requires very competent training and socialization if you want it to behave well
  • Looking after this dog with other dogs can be problematic because of the BMC’s dominant tendencies

In Conclusion, Should You Consider Getting Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix Puppies?

All in all, we’d only recommend this mixed breed to people who can handle its training and socialization needs. So, if you’re a first-time dog owner, we’d rather recommend a purebred lab than a mix with a black mouth cur.

This can be offset if you’re fully intending and ready to do your research and go the extra mile when training your dog, of course. Or, you can just benefit from the services of a professional dog trainer.

With all that in mind, a well-trained BMC lab mix is recommended for more outdoorsy types of people who like to spend time hiking, jogging, or in the dog park with their pets. If that’s you, this can be a rather awesome pet for you and your family.

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