Mountain Cur Black Lab Mix – Good Pets Or Too Much Of A Risk?

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If you’re looking for a curious lab mix that’s slowly growing in popularity, here’s an interesting suggestion. The mountain cur black lab mix – good pets or too much of a risk?

Curs are a very historically significant breed in the US but aren’t overly popular as pets nowadays. A multi-purpose breed of hound, guard, and working dogs, the various cur breeds helped Americans settle and develop the entire continent. As both guard and hunting dogs, however, they do have certain qualities that make people avoid them as pets.

So, does the lab mix help temper the guarded nature of a cur?

What Does The Mountain Cur Black Lab Mix Look Like?

First, let’s see what a mountain cur lab mix full-grown dog looks like. Mountain curs are generally taller but lighter than labs. They can get as tall as 26 inches (66 cm) at the shoulder but only as heavy as 60 pounds (27 kg) at most. So, a mix with a standard adult lab will usually result in a tall but lean cross.

As for their coats, mountain curs have short, dense, double coats. They are typically brindle, brindle & black, or brindle & yellow in color which pairs very well with the color of black labs, in particular. That’s why we’re partial to mountain cur black lab mix dogs, although crosses with yellow and brown labs can also look awesome.

Crucially, mountain curs generally shed much less than a standard lab. So, especially with regular and thorough grooming, a mountain cur lab mix can shed very lightly. Some people even view mountain curs as hypoallergenic. That is a bit of an exaggeration as no dog is truly hypoallergenic. However, it is true that such a cross would be easier on people with allergies than a purebred lab.

The ears, faces, and muzzles of curs do look a lot like labs’ so this cross does have a fairly consistent look. Also, many curs are naturally born with bobbed tails so their lab mix may also have such a tail.

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Mountain Cur Lab Mix Temperament

On to the key question – do cur lab crosses make for good family pets? The quick answer is “Yes, but only with good training and socialization.” Curs do get an undeservedly bad reputation sometimes because of their nature as guard dogs.

It is true that a mountain cur that hasn’t gone through good obedience training and socialization can e dangerous to strangers, guests, or other pets. These dogs have a domineering nature that can even drive them to become the alpha of your household. However, curs are also loyal, friendly, and social when trained properly. After all, they were bred to be family guardians and hunting/working companions.

Additionally, a mix with the obedient and social lab will further temper a cur’s temperament. So, as long as you know what you’re doing, such a crossbreed can make for a great family pet. Well-trained curs are social enough even with strangers and are great with kids too.

In short – this crossbreed is recommended for experienced or at least knowledgeable dog owners who know how to optimize their personalities.

Mountain Cur Black Lab Mix Exercise Needs

Both labs and curs are very physically active dogs so the same goes for their crossbreed. So, extensive physical exercise is necessary for such dogs. A couple of hours a day – typically divided into two 1-hour walks – are a must. You should also add plenty of playtime in a large fenced yard too, or at least in a spacious indoor place.

If you do have a yard, remember that proper fences are crucial. Curs were used as hunting hounds and they do have a strong prey drive – even more so than labs. So, if escape is possible, it’s also likely.

Additionally, curs are working dogs too. This means that they love not just to play but to work too. In other words, you can train your dog to carry things around, to help you tidy up around the home, to carry a kid on its back or in a trolley, and so on. Things like that go a long way to not just keep your dog physically exercised but mentally exercised as well.

Lifespan and Health

Most curs actually have an even longer average lifespan than the overall healthy lab. So, their crossbreed has an expected lifespan of 12 to 16 years. Of course, you do need to get a healthy pup to reach or surpass the 16-year mark.

This means that you should always ask for a health certificate from the dog’s breeder. And, of course, always avoid puppy mills and pet stores at all cost. From there, it’s all a matter of good care, quality food, regular exercise, and routine vet visits.

The few health issues you should watch out for include:

Mountain Vs Black Mouth Cur Mixes

When talking about mountain cur mixes, it’s important to differentiate between them and black mouth curs. The two breeds are very similar and were bred for similar roles. However, BMCs are generally larger, with shorter coats, and more aggressive and dominant.

So, when contemplating whether you want a mountain cur and lab mix, don’t get confused with the BMC/lab mix – the latter requires even more obedience training and socialization to offset its naturally strong will and aggressive tendencies. Mountain cur lab mixes, on the other hand, are much more manageable.

Is This Mix Suitable For You and Your Family?

This crossbreed is fantastic for physically active people and families who want a playful, energetic, and healthy companion. As a cur cross, this dog needs good training and socialization if you want to have a good relationship with it, however. Additionally, it needs lots of exercise and space to play in.

If you can accommodate this dog’s training and exercise needs, however, you will end up with a lovely pet. A black/brown lab, in particular, can also make a gorgeous mix with a mountain cur.

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