How Big Does A Mini Labradoodle Get And Why Is This Controversial?

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There are a lot of important things to note about the miniature Labradoodle. For example – how big does a mini Labradoodle get and why is his controversial? While Labradoodles are widely recognized as fantastic dogs and truly great pets, the mini variety of the breed is the subject of some debate. Here’s what you need to know about this cross between a standard Labrador and a miniature Poodle.

How Big Does A Mini Labradoodle Get?

A full-grown miniature Labradoodle will usually be about 14 to 16 inches tall at the shoulder (35.5 to 40.5 cm). These dogs will usually weigh somewhere between 15 and 25 pounds too (7 to 11 kg).

For comparison, a standard Labradoodle usually gets as tall as 22 to 24 inches at the shoulder (56 to 61 cm). The standard breed dogs also weigh about 50 to 65 pounds (23 to 29.5 kg). There’s also a “medium” variant of this breed that falls neatly in the middle. Medium Labradoodles grow up to 17 to 20 inches (43 to 51 cm) and weigh about 30 to 45 pounds (13.5 to 20.5 kg).

So, as you can see, the mini Labradoodle is considerably smaller than its standard and even medium counterparts. At the same time, even a mini Labradoodle is still taller than many standard breeds like the dachshund. So, this is hardly a “mini” dog, it’s just mini for a Labradoodle.

How Big Does A Mini Labradoodle Get

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Is A toy Labradoodle The Same As A Mini Labradoodle?

You may have also heard the term “toy Labradoodle” as you were browsing around about mini doodles. Are toy Labradoodles the same as mini ones or is this an even smaller variety of the breed?

It’s the latter – toy Labradoodles are even smaller than mini Labradoodles. They are viewed as a type of mini doodle which makes them a sub-type of a sub-type of Labradoodle. However, these dogs are usually the result of crossing a mini Labradoodle with a toy Poodle. So, they are technically 75% poodle and only 25 Labrador.

A toy Labradoodle is supposed to only get as tall as 10 inches at the shoulder (25.4 cm). As for weight, that’s capped at about 6 to 9 pounds (3 to 4 kg). This is considerably smaller than mini Labradoodles and is much closer to the size of toy Poodles.

And that’s not even the smallest Labradoodle you can get. There’s an even smaller type of mini doodles and that’s the teacup Labradoodle. The exact size of these dogs is difficult to pinpoint as their “breed standard” isn’t exactly official. They are bred by crossing a toy Labradoodle with a toy Poodle to get the smallest possible dog size. They are also often called Petite Labradoodle.

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Is The Mini Labradoodle A Recognized Or A Designer Dog Breed?

Neither mini nor toy or teacup Labradoodles are recognized by the AKC or by most other reputable kennel clubs. Instead, they are strictly designer breeds. This means that kennel clubs don’t track or vouch for the breeding standards of these dogs.

So, while you can still find reputable breeders that make sure their mini Labradoodles are as healthy as possible, you’ll be more likely to stumble upon irresponsible breeders who don’t do that.

Why Is The Mini Labradoodles Full-Grown Size Controversial?

The problem most people have with mini breeds is the way they are bred. Because breeders are so focused on lowering the size of their puppies, they are willing to cut corners when it comes to avoiding hereditary diseases and undesirable genetic conditions. This doesn’t mean that all miniature Labradoodles have health problems, of course. However, it does mean that you’re much more likely to stumble upon a sickly puppy than you are with standard Labradoodles.

This is why a lot of people and breeders frown upon the breeding of miniature, toy, and teacup sub-breeds. From their point of view, if you can guarantee the good health of your pups, it’s irresponsible to breed them at all.

Does The Mini Labradoodle Size Have Any Health Drawbacks?

Considering how big does a mini Labradoodle get, does this mean you can expect certain health problems with this dog?

The exact health problems that you can expect in a mini Labradoodle aren’t precisely determined yet as this is a relatively new designer breed. However, the issues we know exist include:

This can seem overwhelming at first glance, however, none of these issues are guaranteed to happen. If you want to get a mini Labradoodle, we’d recommend taking the time to find a responsible breeder you can trust. Such a breeder will have made sure that their dogs are as healthy as possible. Additionally, reputable breeders always offer health certificates for their dogs. They also allow people to personally check out the pup’s parents and their health too.

Is The Mini Labradoodle More Sickly Than Standard Labradoodles, Labradors, and Poodles?

We don’t have too much data on miniature Labradoodles, in particular. However, the rule of thumb with most mini breeds is that they are indeed more sickly than their larger cousins.

How Long Do Mini Labradoodles Live On Average?

The expected lifespan of these dogs is about 12 to 14 years. This is quite standard for dogs their size. If you’ve got a healthy pup and you take good care of them they can easily surpass that age too. The more important question isn’t how long your dog is going to live, however, but how healthy and happy it will be. A dog can live past its expected average but be sickly and miserable for most of its life – make sure that doesn’t happen.

So, Should You Get A Miniature Labradoodle?

Now that you know how big does a mini Labradoodle get and what that means, should you get such a dog as a pet? All things considered, finding a healthy mini Labradoodle pup is certainly not impossible. You’ll just need to put in the extra effort to look for the right breeder. While this can be time-consuming, it’s certainly much better than just getting the first mini Labradoodle that you find. For one, you’ll be more likely to get a healthy puppy and, two, you won’t be supporting an irresponsible breeder.

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