How Much Are Labradoodles Worth In Pet Stores and Breeders?

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Price is quite crucial for a lot of crossbreeds which brings the question of how much are Labradoodles worth in pet stores and breeders? Labradors are not an awfully expensive breed these days but poodles can be a bit pricey? Does this translate to high Labradoodle costs? Is this breed considered as fancy as its name would suggest? We’ll cover all the details below.

What Exactly Is The Labradoodle?

First things first – what is a Labradoodle? This adorable breed was developed relatively soon, in 1989 in Australia. The original purpose of these dogs was to be guide dogs and they are indeed excellent at that. However, they’ve also become quite the popular family pets because of their adorable looks and friendly personality.

So, what does this mean for their price – how much are Labradoodles?

What Is The Average Cost Of Labradoodle Puppies?

 cost of labradoodle puppy

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The average cost of Labradoodles is a bit all over the place. You can find these dogs for as long as $400-$500 and as much as $4,000-$5,000. The exact price tag will usually depend on who you’re buying the Labradoodle from with there being three main options:

1. Rescues and Shelters

You can usually get a Labradoodle from these places for a pretty low sum. The reason being simply that these are rescue dogs. Sometimes they are not purebred, sometimes they are pretty advanced in age, they can have certain health conditions, and they rarely come with health and heredity certificates. But the main reason for the low cost is that these are shelters and they to rehome their dogs as soon as possible to open up space for more stray dogs they’ll inevitably find.

2. Pet Stores

Labradoodles at pet stores can vary a lot in price, depending on the “reputability” of the pet store. At the end of the day, however, pups in pet stores tend to come at below-average prices. That’s because these pups are bred in puppy mills and these places aren’t exactly known for their good breeding practices. Purchasing pups from pet stores is ill-advised for that very reason. The prices may be tempting and the pups – adorable – but the lack of proper health certification usually means mounting vet bills down the line.

3. Actual Breeders

Reputable Labradoodle breeders usually offer their pups for quite the stunning prices, often going as high as $4,000 and $5,000. This can put a lot of people off but that’s actually the best way to get a pup aside from adopting a rescue. The reason we’re saying that is because – unlike puppy mills – proper breeders specialize in breeding and raising healthy puppies. They don’t overbreed their dogs or breed dogs with undesirable genetic conditions – instead, they make sure every pup they sell is as healthy as possible. In essence, they prioritize quality over quantity. And they back that up with health certificates and hereditary certificates, in addition to giving their pups quality care.

Other Factors That Can Affect How Much Are Labradoodles Priced At

It should also be noted that – like other crossbreeds – Labradoodles can vary a lot in their size, physical appearance, and other characteristics. For example, They can be as tall as a Labrador or as short as a poodle. They can have a flat, wavy, or curly coat, and they can come in lots of different colors including some pretty exotic variations. Naturally, rarer coat types and colors are much more expensive than the more common ones.

Another big factor is whether the Labradoodle sheds or not. This is one of the big reasons why Labradors and poodles were crossbred in the first place – Labradors are phenomenal dogs in almost every aspect but they shed like crazy. Poodles, on the other hand, almost don’t shed and are fairly hypoallergenic.

So, the end result is that some Labradoodles don’t shed – which makes them very highly valued and priced – while others still shed like crazy.

How Does The Cost Of Labradoodle Puppy Compare To That Of Poodles and Labradors?

The average cost of a Labrador is usually between $300 and $1,000, depending on where you’re buying the dog from. Purebred poodles can be pricier and average costs between $700 and $1,500.

Neither of these come close to the sometimes stunning prices of Labradoodles, however.

Why Is The Average Labradoodle Price So High Compared To Other Breeds?

Rarity is a big part of the reason why as is the novelty of owning such a unique and new dog breed. There are also the fantastic personality and physical characteristics of this breed which are all commendable. Add the fact that some Labradoodle coats and colors are especially rare and captivating, and the price tag becomes pretty understandable.

Does The High Labradoodle Cost Have Any Health Drawbacks?

Both Labradors and poodles are quite healthy but they are not immune to certain health conditions. Crossbreeds are often 50/50 on their health prospects as they either dodge their parents’ health risks and inherit their positive genetic predispositions or vice versa. However, that’s only the case when the two parent breeds have opposing/mismatched health risks.

In the case of Labradoodles, that’s not exactly the case – both Labradors and poodles have some serious heart health risks which the Labradoodles tend to always inherit. Other worthy mentions include Diabetes Mellitus, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Allergies, Epilepsy, Elbow, and Hip Dysplasia, and Ear infections.

This list can seem intimidating but Labradoodles aren’t really at higher risk on average compared to other dogs. If you get a healthy pup from a reputable breeder and if you take good care of it, the risks become very minor.

How Much Are Labradoodles’ Prices Worth It?

Overall, we’d say that these dogs are definitely worth their price if you get them from the right place. A healthy, well-raised Labradoodle that’s properly taken care of will give you an average of 12-14 years of joy. That is with very few or no health problems along the way. With all dogs, the main cost comes with their food and vet bills, so, a proper health certificate from a reputable breeder is usually worth it.

At least that’s the case when we compare puppy mill Labradoodles with properly-bred Labradoodles. On the other hand, $5,000 is a huge sum and there are other healthy dog breeds out there that can be bought for a fraction of the price. So, it all comes down to personal preferences.

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