How Long Do Labradoodles Live and How Do They Compare To Other Breeds

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The lifespan of a mixed breed dog can vary quite a bit so – how long do Labradoodles live and how do they compare to other breeds? Given that these are labradors mixed with the long-lived poodles, you’d guess that Labradoodles can live a long life, right? Are there some surprising health conditions that might be an issue, however? We’ll go over all the details below.

How Long Do Labradoodles Live On Average?

The average Labradoodle will usually have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. This wide range is set this way because Labradors tend to live about 12 years on average and poodles – 15.

Do keep in mind that these are just averages, of course. Both poodles and Labradors can live past their expected age with the right care (and a bit of luck) and so can Labradoodles. The oldest confirmed poodle we know of was the 20-year-old Seamus.

We don’t have as much data on Labradoodles as they are not as common but their average lifespan is just a bit shorter than that of a poodle. So, it’s perfectly possible for a Labradoodle to live up to 18-19 years if you’ve got a healthy puppy and took good care of it.

How Long Do Labradoodles Live If They Are First-Generation Vs Second-Generation?

Every time we talk about crossbreeds it’s important to note that we’re talking about first-generation dogs. The reason is that a first-gen mixed breed doesn’t always take its physical characteristics in a 50/50 manner from its parents. Sometimes, it can be closer to one side of its family tree. This leads to some variation in first-gen crossbreeds.

However, second and third-generation crossbreeds can be even more lopsided if the two first-gen crossbreeds both were closer to one of the two purebred parents.

In other words, if you take two first-gen Labradoodles that are both closer to their poodle parents, then both will have a life expectancy that’s close to that of a poodle. And as you continue to mix their offspring with other poodle-like Labrapoodles, your dogs will get more and more poodle-like even though they are technically Labradoodles.

So, the question of how long do Labradoodles live can get even more complicated if they are not first-generation dogs. However, even then the life expectancy of Labradoodle will still fall somewhere between the life expectancies of Labradors (12 years) and poodles (up to 15 years). 

How Long Do Labradoodles Live Depending On Their Health?

Labradoodles are quite a healthy breed as are both their parent breeds. Still, an unlucky Labradoodle can inherit bad genetic predispositions from both parents. This is a risk you always run with crossbreeds. A puppy can either be extremely lucky and inherit only positive health predispositions or be exceptionally unlucky instead.

The main health concerns that tend to determine how long do Labradoodles live include:

Do keep in mind that none of these are guaranteed – it’s all a matter of both genetic inclinations and proper care. There’s a lot of things you can do both as you are raising your Labradoodle pup and before you even adopt/purchase it.

How To Pick Labradoodle Puppies With The Best Possible Life Expectancy?

As we alluded to above, the first step to ensuring that you’ll have a healthy puppy with a long life is to check for any genetic predispositions first. This is pretty easy to do even if it doesn’t sound like it. All you need to do is find a reputable Labradoodle breeder and ask for a health certificate.

labradoodle puppy

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As for how can you figure out which breeder is reputable and which isn’t – if the breeder refuses to give you a health certificate – they are not to be trusted. While you are at it, it’s also smart to ask for health certificates for the pup’s parents too.

The last step is to ask to see not just the pup but the rest of the litter and the two parents together. This will give you a good idea of their health as well as the pup’s place in the litter. The rule of thumb here is to avoid the pups that are overly dominant and aggressive as well as the ones that are too weak and outcast in their own litters.

Adopting a Labradoodle from a shelter or a rescue is also a great option if you find one. Proper shelters and rescues will also give you detailed health information as they too test and examine the dogs in their care.

Whatever you do, however, never get a dog from pet stores or puppy mills. These dogs are almost never bred thoughtfully and with a mind toward weaning out negative genetic predispositions. What’s more, the puppies are rarely housed well either.

How To Properly Look After Labradoodles?

Looking after a Labradoodle is very similar to having a Labrador or a poodle. Both parent breeds are very playful and energetic breeds, as well as highly intelligent and social animals.

So, what is the first step in ensuring that your Labradoodle will remain in good health? It’s to give your dog plenty of exercise. About one hour of an outdoor jog per day is a must (or 2x 30 minutes). It should also be combined with unrestricted access to a fenced yard and/or plenty of opportunities for playtime indoors.

Limiting your Labradoodle’s exercise will result in obesity which tends to lead to a ton of other health concerns soon after. The mental well-being of your dog will also suffer if you neglect its playtime needs.

Good exercise should be combined with high-quality and nutritious food as well as routine vet checkups twice a year. Do that and you’ll likely have a long-lived and happy dog.

How Does The Average Labradoodle Lifespan Compare To Other Dogs?

As poodles are one of the dog breeds with longer lifespans, a Labradoodle tends to live longer than most other dogs. There are still a few breeds with longer life expectancies. These include the dachshund as well as the purebred poodle but the Labradoodle is certainly up there too.

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