What Are the Key Lab Terrier Mix Size, Personality, Looks, and Health Characteristics?

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If you’re looking at this unique crossbreed you may be wondering what are the key lab terrier mix size, personality, looks, and health characteristics? Like most other crossbreeds, the exact specifics of this mix can vary greatly depending on which parent the pup takes more from.

And, what complicates things even further is the fact that a lab can be crossed with any of the dozens of different terrier breeds. That’s right, when we’re talking about a “lab terrier mix” we’re actually talking about many different sub-breeds. A lab can be crossed with a Machester terrier, with a Kerry Blue terrier, an Irish terrier, an Australian terrier, a Black Russian terrier, an Airedale terrier, and many others.

So, what exactly can you expect from these varying lab terrier mixes?

What Is The Standard Lab Terrier Mix Size?

When it comes to the lab terrier mix size, that will always depend on the parents’ size as well as on a bit of chance. Standard Labradors can be as high as 21 and 25 inches (53 to 64 cm) and can weigh about 64 to 80 lbs (29 to 36 kg). Terriers, on the other hand, can be as short as 6 or 7 inches (15 to 18 cm and as light as 7 lbs (3 kg).

However, when it comes to a labrador terrier mix, these are usually done with larger terrier breeds for compatibility’s sake. So, by most estimates, the average lab terrier mix size is somewhere around 20 to 50 lbs (9 to 23 kg) and 13 to 22 inches (33 to 56 cm).

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What Does A Labrador Terrier Mix Look Like?

This question is as complicated as the one about this cross’ size. Terriers share a lot of facial and coat qualities but can still be very different from one another. Add the fact that even Labradors can vary a bit and your lab/terrier cross can look like almost anything in the canine world.

Still, to give you some idea of what to expect, most Labrador and terrier mixes tend to have a medium-long, very dense, and straight coat. In terms of colors, they can be black, brown, white, yellow, or a combination of two or three of these colors.

As for facial and physical features, these dogs can either have a bit of a stocky and front-centered build like a terrier or a more balanced physique. Their face and head can also vary between the classic Labrador muzzle and the many different facial structures of the terrier breeds – the low muzzle of the Airedale, the large cheekbones of the American Staffordshire terrier, the big nose of the Bull terrier, and so on.

The ears of this cross can either be big and floppy or they can be short and erect with just a floppy tip. The eyes are almost always brown and the nose – black. The shedding trends can also vary a lot as Labradors and terriers tend to shed differently.

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What Can You Expect From The Lab Terrier Mix Personality?

The personality of your lab terrier mix is a lot well-rounded than its physical characteristics. Because both Labradors and most terriers tend to be very social, playful, loving, and intelligent animals, so do the crosses between them.

These dogs are always great with children, provided that they’ve received proper socialization. They also do great with other dogs most of the time and rarely exhibit dog aggression. Some terriers can have a pretty strong prey drive, however, so you should be careful with cats and other small pets.

As far as training is concerned, a bit of obedience training is always a must. However, these dogs are highly intelligent and huge people-pleasers so they are quite easy to train.

How Can You Pick A Healthy Lab Terrier Mix Puppy?

As both Labradors and terriers are usually quite healthy, there shouldn’t be many issues you’ll need to watch out for. The few common problems include:

If you want to pick a puppy with the best possible chances to avoid any of those you should do the following:

  • Always look for reputable breeders instead of shopping from pet shops and puppy mills
  • Demand a health certificate for the pup and its parents
  • Ask to see the parents and the rest of their litter to check out their health personally
  • Take the pup to a vet immediately for a second opinion on its health

How Much Exercise Does A Lab Terrier Mix Need?

These dogs are always highly energetic as both Labradors and all terriers need a lot of outdoor exercise. If you’re not ready to supply your dog with 1-2 hours of outdoor exercise time a day, plenty of yard time, and some time out of town on the weekends, this may be the wrong breed for you.

The Pros and Cons Of A Lab Terrier Mix


  • A very social and friendly dog
  • Moderate maintenance needs
  • Very intelligent and easy to train dog



  • Needs a lot of exercise
  • At risk of obesity (if not given sufficient exercice)
  • Separation anxiety is a problem for all intelligent breeds

Should You Get Such A Pup Based On The Lab Terrier Mix Size, Personality, and Other Characteristics?

The two main things you’ll need to consider before deciding to get a lab terrier mix are:

  • Can I give this dog all the exercise it needs?
  • Am I home often enough to spend time with this dog?

Separation anxiety and obesity are the two main things to watch out for with all Labrador and terrier mix dogs. If you plan to keep this dog home alone every day then you may need to find a different breed. If you work from home, however, or you have other family members that are often home – then a lab terrier mix puppy may be the perfect pet for you.

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