Corgi Lab Mix Temperament, Training, Sociability, And More Key Personality Traits

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It’s always smart to get to know a breed before you choose a pet for your home. So, here are the main Corgi Lab mix temperament, training, sociability, and more key personality traits. Given that both Corgis and Labradors are exceptionally popular pet breeds, you’d assume that their cross is also a great dog to have. And that’s generally true.

However, it’s worth noting that Corgis and Labs are two inherently different breeds. One is a retriever gun dog and the other is a former cattle herding breed. This presupposes quite different personalities. So, what can you expect from this cross?

Corgi Lab Mix Temperament Basics

Overall, Labs and Corgies alike have pretty great personality traits. This applies to both the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi subbreeds too. The differences between Labs and Corgiesstart to show when you start training them, however.

Labradors are not just smart but also exceptionally obedient and people-pleasing breed. This is a big reason why they’ve become the most popular pet breed out there as well as an often-preferred gun dog companion among hunters.

Corgis, on the other hand, while also plenty smart, can be quite mischievous and self-minded. This isn’t to say that they are selfish or anything – they are still dogs, no cats. However, their overly playful nature can get the better of them at times, especially when they aren’t trained too well.

This overly playful and somewhat disobedient nature can make Corgis a bit difficult to deal with for first-time dog owners. The same, therefore, applies to all their crosses, including the Corgidor. Still, even when they misbehave these dogs are friendly and good-natured enough to not cause any problems. So, they are still recommended for beginners.

Aside from obedience, both Corgis and Labs are fairly social and outgoing, as well as affectionate and playful. So, their Corgidor mix inherits all these positive traits and is therefore quite a lovely pet.

How Gentle and Affectionate Is The Corgi Lab Mix Temperament?

Quite a bit. Neither of this cross’ parent breeds is a “lap dog” although many people view the Corgi as such. Instead, they are more playful and energetic breeds that like to cuddle once they’ve been thoroughly exhausted with playtime.

This doesn’t make them any less gentle and affectionate, however. Both parent breeds and their cross love their human pack members and will always look for attention, pets, and interactions.

Is Separation Anxiety An Issue For This Crossbreed?

Separation anxiety is very much a problem for both parent breeds and the same applies to their crossbreed. These dogs simply do not do well when left alone. If you leave a Corgi, a Lab, or a Corgidor home alone for too long (read – more than a couple of hours) it will start getting bored, restless, then anxious. Soon, the dog will get outright stressed out and will eventually start freaking out, running around, breaking things, or chewing your furniture.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with that. If you work away from home and you absolutely have to leave your dog home alone for extended periods of time, you should consider any or some of the following:

  • Make sure there’s always a family member at home
  • Hire a dog walker or a dog sitter
  • Arrange playdates with another dog owner
  • Get your dog a ton of interactive dog toys to play with
  • Give your dog plenty of attention and playtime before you leave so that it’s tired and content while you’re away
  • Get a second dog to keep your Corgidor company

If none of these is an option, you may need to consider getting a different breed instead.

Are Corgi and Lab Mixed Dogs Easy To Train?

This will depend on which parent the Corgidor takes more from. If the Corgidor resembles its Corgi parent more, training can be a bit more challenging. However, even then it shouldn’t be anything impossible.

If you’ve never had to obedience train a dog, you’d do well to research and prepare ahead of time. After that, it’s all a matter of patience, persistence, and positive reinforcement. The same goes for potty and crate training.

Are The Corgi and Lab Mix Dogs Social?

Very much so, yes. Both Corgis and Labs are exceptionally social dogs so the same applies to their cross. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you should skip over your dog’s socialization – to the contrary. Not socializing your Corgidor is the easiest way to raise an anti-social dog so make sure your pup meets as many other people and dogs as possible in its earliest months.

Is The Lab Corgi Mix Good With Strangers?

They are – neither Corgis nor Labs are guard dogs. So, with good socialization, they can become very accepting of guests and strangers.

Is The Corgi Lab Mix Temperament Suitable For Families With Kids?

Yes – both parent breeds are very gentle with and protective of small kids. The same applies to the Corgidor.

Do Corgi Lab Mix Puppies Get Along With Other Dogs?

Generally – yes. Corgis can be a bit aggressive toward dogs they don’t need so a conflict at the dog park is not impossible. However, with good socialization and training even that’s unlikely. As far as getting a second dog for your home is concerned, however – just socialize and then introduce the two dogs properly and everything should be ok.


Can You Have A Lab and Corgi Cross Together With A Cat Or Another Pet?

Most of the time – yes. Both Corgis and Labs get along with cats, especially if they’ve been raised with them. Corgis, in particular, are a former herding breed. And, while Labs are gun dogs, their prey drive isn’t as strong as hounds’.

In Short, Are Corgi and Lab Crossbreed Dogs Well-Mannered and Good-Natured?

Overall, the Corgidor has a varying but almost always adorable personality. You never know what you’re going to get with these dogs, especially where obedience is concerned. You can view this as a negative or as a positive. Either way, with proper training and socialization, these dogs are guaranteed to become fan favorites of the whole family. Just make sure that you get your pup from an adequate breeder so that it’s healthy – that’s the main issue with such designer crossbreeds, not so much their personalities.

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