Can Dogs Eat Gouda Cheese and Is Cheese Toxic To Them?

Can Dogs Eat Gouda Cheese? Important Recommendation!

Dogs love to eat all kinds of stuff and they are technically omnivores, which brings up the question – can dogs eat Gouda cheese and is cheese toxic to them? As a type of diary, cheese should be about as “ok” for dogs as it is for humans, right? Yes and no. Dogs can technically … Read more

English Bull Dog Lab Mix – A Truly Awesome Family Dog

English Bull Dog Lab Mix – A Truly Awesome Family Dog

If you’re on a quest to finding a good pet for your kids, you should definitely consider the English bull dog lab mix – a truly awesome family dog. A cross between two of the most popular and most child-friendly dog breeds out there, the English Bullador is a very rewarding companion for any family … Read more

American Bulldog Mix With Labrador – A One-Of-A-Kind Dog

American Bulldog Mix With Labrador – A One-Of-A-Kind Dog

Crossbreeds are always fascinating because of how diverse they can be and this is especially true for the American bulldog mix with Labrador – a one-of-a-kind dog. Like all mixed breeds, the exact characteristics of an American Bullador depend on how much the pup takes from each parent. Unlike most mixed breeds, this variation is … Read more

Lab Bernese Mix – An Absolutely Awesome Family Pet

Lab Bernese Mix – Important Features of The Breed!

The Lab Bernese Mix – an absolutely awesome family pet and a larger-than-life dog everyone would be lucky to have in their life. Is everyone right for this breed, however, or are they as complicated to look after as some other large dog breeds? What are the most important characteristics you need to know about … Read more

Can Dogs Have Raspberries Or Are They Toxic To Them?

Can Dogs Have Raspberries? Important Tips for Your Pet!

Dogs may be omnivores but they can’t eat everything which brings up questions such as can dogs have raspberries or are they toxic to them? This question can seem intuitive but most people’s answers go either way. Dogs’ dietary preferences are just that weird. Apples are fine, grapes are poison – the line between fruits … Read more

10 Easy Tips For How To Stop Dog Pee From Killing Grass

Dog Pee Killing Grass? Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Stop It!

If you’re tired of certain grass spots in your yard burning out, here are our 10 easy tips for how to stop dog pee from killing grass. This is one of those problems that few people even think of before getting their dog. But, it’s unfortunately true – if your dog makes it a habit … Read more

What Size Collar For Lab Puppy Should You Get And When?

What Size Collar For Lab Puppy Should You Get And When

It’s always difficult figuring out what size collar for lab puppy you should get and when – it’s like picking clothes for a baby, they just outgrow them so fast! And, then, there are a whole other set of considerations such as material, style, comfort, training, and so on. There are even some legal aspects … Read more

How Much Does A Black Lab Cost In Pet Stores and Breeders

How Much Does A Black Lab Cost In Pet Stores and Breeders

You can see many different prices when looking for a new pup, so it’s worth knowing how much does a black lab cost in pet stores and breeders. With Labrador retrievers being the most popular dog breed in the world, you can find lab puppies literally anywhere. However, they can also come with very different … Read more

Black Lab Average Weight

Black Lab Average Weight

Knowing your dog’s expected weight is important for good health maintenance so – what is the black lab average weight and how does it compare to other dogs? Is there any significant difference between black labs and other Labradors? What are the main causes that can lead to your dog getting overweight or not gaining … Read more