American Bulldog Mix With Labrador – A One-Of-A-Kind Dog

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Crossbreeds are always fascinating because of how diverse they can be and this is especially true for the American bulldog mix with Labrador – a one-of-a-kind dog. Like all mixed breeds, the exact characteristics of an American Bullador depend on how much the pup takes from each parent. Unlike most mixed breeds, this variation is huge for the American bulldog mix with Labrador.

Why is that so, however? And what dog exactly are you going to get with this breed? We’ll cover all that below.

What Does The American Bulldog Mix With Labrador Look Like?

This is a surprisingly difficult question and it will depend entirely on what the pup’s parents looked like. So, let’s break down the variations in the two-parent breeds:

  • Labrador retrievers usually grow up to 21-25 inches in height (53-63 cm) and 55-70 lbs weight (25-30 kg). They have an agile build, a long muzzle, and a mono-color coat, typically black, brown, or yellow. The coat is can be short or medium-length.
  • American bulldogs come in two variations – a Scott (or “standard”) type and a Johnson (or “bully”) type. Both can grow up to 20-27 inches in height (51-69 cm) and 60-120 lbs (27-54 kg) weight. The difference between the two types is mainly that standard American bulldogs are leaner and more agile, with longer muzzles, while bully bulldogs have a shorter muzzle and a stockier build (and, therefore, they weigh more).
    Both bulldog types have a short and dense coat that can come in many color combinations such as white, white and black, white and tan, white and brindle, white and brown, lilac, blue, chocolate, black, or merle. The last five of those are exceptionally rare, however, and tri-color coats aren’t a thing.

Why does all that matter? Because American bulladors can look like any of the above, depending on the parent. They can be heavy and stocky if they have a Johnson-type parent or they can be lean and agile. They can have various muzzle shapes, coat lengths, and colors too.

Also, note that we’re talking about the American bulldog mix with Labrador, not the English Bullador. English and American Bulladors are two different crossbreeds with a different appearance precisely because there’s an even greater difference between English and American bulldogs.

american bulladors

The Unique Personality Of The American Bulldog and Labrador Mix

The temperament and character of the American Bullador are just as uncertain and varying as its appearance. That’s because Labradors and American bulldogs have very different temperaments too. Both parent breeds are quite intelligent and social, however, Labradors are much more gentle and obedient. Bulldogs, on the other hand, are very self-minded and exceptionally stubborn.

So, an American Bullador can really go either way depending on how much the dog takes from each parent. The only way to figure out if your Bullador is going to be a people-pleaser or an individualist is to observe the pup in its litter. This is one of the many big reasons why you should get your pups from reputable breeders and not from pet stores or puppy mills.

Adequate breeders don’t keep their pups in glass showcases. Instead, they raise them with their fellow pups and they train them well. So, such a breeder will be able to tell you exactly what type of Bullador you’re getting and will let you see the whole litter for yourself. Another good option is to adopt from a shelter. This way you’ll also be given detailed information about the pup’s personality.

Still, whatever your Bullador’s personality ends up being, proper obedience training and socialization will always result in a great and loving family pet.

What Are The Exercise Needs Of An American Bulldog Mix With Labrador?

Both bulldogs and Labradors are pretty active dogs but in different ways. Bulldogs are highly energetic at sporadic bursts while Labradors have more endurance. So, once again, your future Bullador can go either way – it will either be hyper-energetic sporadically and for short periods of time or he’ll be a good jogging buddy.

In either case, this is a breed for an outdoorsy type of people who also have a well-fenced yard. An American bulldog mix with Labrador will need at least 1-2 hours of active playtime outside every day plus an additional few hours in the yard. That, together with quite a but playtime with toys and people at home is a must for a healthy and happy Bullador.

Health Characteristics Of A Bulldog Mix With Lab

American Bulladors can either be exceptionally healthy or they can inherit some nasty genetic predispositions from their parent. This is very typical for crossbreeds and is a big reason why you should always get your dogs from reputable breeders. Such breeders will always offer you a health certificate for your dog.

Their dogs are much healthier than those in pet stores because good breeders avoid inbreeding and only breed dogs from good and healthy stocks.

Instead, buying from a pet store may result in a dog that has:

Pros and Cons Of American Bulladors


  • Very active and energetic dog breed
  • A gorgeous breed that can look in many different ways
  • A loyal and loving breed


  • Varying health that necessitates that you get your dog from a good breeder
  • More stubborn Bulladors can be harder to train

Should You Get An American Bulldog Mix With Labrador?

It all depends on your preferences and on what type of Bullador you choose to go with. These dogs can be so different depending on their parents that it’s almost unfair that they are grouped in the same breed.

However, virtually all Bulladors will be pretty active physically and will need lots of exercise. So, if you’re looking for a lap dog to snuggle within an apartment – this ain’t it.

The American bulldog mix with Labrador is an energetic breed for an outdoorsy type of people. Because it’s half a bulldog it’s also generally not recommended for first-time dog owners. Obedience training is a must with these dogs so you should be up for the challenge.

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