How To Use Boshel Nail Clippers Safely And Effectively?

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Clipping a dog’s nails can sometimes be as difficult as bathing a cat. But it doesn’t need to be. Here’s how to use Boshel nail clippers safely and effectively. Even if you’ve never done it before or if your dog is adamantly against it, there is a good way to clip your pooch’s nails. At best it will just be a matter of approach, at worst it’s going to take some patience. Either way, Boshel nail clippers are the best way to clip your dog’s overgrown claws.

Why Do You Need To Learn How To Use Boshel Nail Clippers?

Most first-time dog owners are surprised that nail clipping even is something that needs to be done. After all, do wild dogs need their nails clipped.

No, they do not. However, wild dogs also spent most of their time running around on stone, dirt, and grass. This naturally fines their nails in a way that just doesn’t happen on your home’s smooth floor. So, unless your dog is spending multiple hours outdoors every day, you are going to have to clip its nails.

If you let your dog’s nails get too long you can expect much more than the accidental scratch on the furniture or the annoying clicking sound on the floor. Additionally, you may be faced with:

So, if you know your dog is going to be spending most of its time indoors, getting it used to nail clipping early on is a very good idea. Once nail clipping becomes a habit, any dog will be ok with it – it’s just those first few clipping sessions that are problematic.

Are There Any Risks Or Drawbacks To Nail Clipping?

Pretty much the only problem with nail clipping is the risk of “quicking” or “cutting the quick” of your dog’s nails. The “quick” here refers to the blood vessels and nerve endings in your dog’s nails. These are usually easy to notice, especially on younger and mid-aged dogs. Usually, the quick is a fair distance away from the end of the nail, giving you plenty of nail left to clip.

However, if you’ve let your dog’s nails get too overgrown, the quick will get longer and longer. If that’s the case, the solution is to just clip the edges of your dog’s nails regularly which will stimulate the quick to get shorter over time.

Avoiding the quick is usually easy as long as your dog is standing still. Even if your dog pulls away its paw at the last second, injury is still unlikely as it will pull the quick away from you. Cutting into the blood vessels is only a risk if your dog pushes into the clippers. To make sure that doesn’t happen you’re going to need a steady hand, a calming attitude, and a good pair of clippers.

Can Other Types Of Clippers Work Too?

Sure, you really can use any pair of clippers for your dog’s nails. However, getting Boshel and figuring out how to use Boshel nail clippers is the best way to go about it. Not only are these clippers sharp and sturdy, but they are also specifically designed to grip a dog’s nails and avoid cutting the quick. Here are Boshel’s pros and cons as we see them.

The Pros and Cons of Boshel Dog Nail Clippers Over Other Types Of Clippers


  • The handles are easy and stable to grip
  • The blades are sharp enough to cut any dog’s nails without the need for excessive force
  • Additionally, the blades “grip” the nail too before cutting it – this allows safer clipping
  • These clippers are extremely durable and can last for not just years but even decades with the right care
  • The clippers can be adjusted for and used on dog breeds of all sizes
  • Boshel’s clippers also come with a nail file to help you smooth your dog’s clipped nails’ edges


  • These clippers can feel a bit overwhelming and complicated to use at first. If this is your first time clipping a dog’s nails, you can try on some tree branches first to get the hang of it

Clippers Or A Grinder?

Many groomers and other experts recommend nail grinders to avoid clipping the quick. This isn’t a bad idea in many cases. However, grinders are not only more expensive, but they are also noisier and more time-consuming.

Instead, once you get the hang of the clippers, they can be much quicker and easier to use. And, if you want your dog to have smoother nails, you can just use the nail file included with Boshel’s clippers for the same effect.

use the nail file included with Boshel’s clippers

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Why Not Both?

You absolutely can use clippers and a grinder at the same time – many groomers do this. However, when you have a nice nail file with you, spending extra on a nail grinder is just unnecessary.

How To Use Boshel Nail Clippers With Your Dog?

Now, for the dog nail clipper instructions. Here’s what you’d want to do:

  1. Get your dog used to the sight and sound of the nail clippers. Let it sniff and observe it not just for a minute or two but even for a couple of days. You want your pooch to start viewing the clippers as a normal part of its environment. Snap the clippers in the air from time to time too.
  2. Start “massaging” your dog’s paws as it’s resting on the floor or on its bed. Make the contact with its paws feel normal and acceptable. Use treats and toys too, if you have to as well. Just don’t bother the dog too much – the idea is for touching its paws to become something normal. Also – always do this on the same spot, somewhere the dog feels comfortable.
  3. Identify the quick before you start clipping. This is easier with white nails. With black or darker nails, look for the grey center. Consult with your vet first, if you’re having trouble.
  4. Start cutting each nail little by little. Comfort your dog with pets and treats if it’s uneasy.
  5. Have styptic powder nearby in case you accidentally clip the quick.
  6. File each nail’s edges once you’ve clipped it.
  7. Finish the process with a few extra pets and treats.

And that’s about it! If you get your pup used to the whole process early on, it will be even easier. However, even older dogs can get used to it with enough patience. Otherwise, you can also use a professional groomer’s help. Then again, if your dog’s never been to a groomer, that can also be very scary at first.

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