How Fast Do Labs Grow And What Should You Look Out For?

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Lab puppies are undeniably adorable but they also grow up so quickly! So, let’s look into just how fast do labs grow and what should you look out for? What do you need to do to make sure that your pup grows up healthy and happy? How can you figure out if your pup is getting overweight, underweight, or is just in line with the norm? We’ll throw some numbers below to give you an idea of how quickly labs grow exactly.

How Fast Do Labs Grow?

Typically, a Labrador Retriever is supposed to reach its maximum height at around the 1-year mark and its maximum weight after ~15 months. In fact, some studies have shown that labs can keep slowly putting on weight for years without becoming overweight – as long as the weight gain is slow and is just new muscle due to good food and exercise, that’s normal.

An adult lab Is supposed to be anywhere between 22 and 25 inches tall at the shoulder (53 to 63.5 cm) and anywhere between 55 and 80 pounds heavy (25 to 36 kg). Anything below or above those ranges is either overweight/underweight or not a purebred lab.

How rapid exactly is the progression up to those numbers, however? Meaning, how many inches/pounds is your pup going to grow per week or per month?

While the growth in height can vary and can be difficult to track, weight is much easier to keep an eye on. Most lab puppies will gain about 2 pounds (close to 0.9 kg) a week until their 6th month. After that, they will keep gaining 1 to 1.5 pounds a week (about half a kilo) until they are full-grown. To give you a more extensive idea, we’ve added a height & weight lab growth chart next.

How Fast Do Labs Grow

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Labrador Weight Chart

To help you figure out how fast do labs grow, here’s a detailed growth chart:

Labrador Retriever Age Male Lab Average Height Male Lab Average Weight Female Lab Average Height Female Lab Average Weight
2 months 8 to 12 in (20 to 30 cm) 10 to 14 lbs (4.5 to 6.3 kg) 7 to 10 in (18 to 25 cm) 10 to 13 lbs (4.5 to 6 kg)
3 months 12 to 15 in (30 to 38 cm) 22 to 26 lbs (10 to 12 kg) 10 to 14 in (25 to 35 cm) 20 to 26 lbs (9 to 12 kg)
5 months 15 to 18 in (38 to 46 cm) 33 to 49 lbs (15 to 19 kg) 12 to 15 in (30 to 38 cm) 35 to 49 lbs (16 to 19 kg)
7 months 16 to 19 in (40 to 48 cm) 51 to 59 lbs (23 to 27 kg) 15 to 18 in (38 to 46 cm) 40 to 55 lbs (20 to 25 kg)
9 months 20 to 23 in (51 to 58 cm) 57 to 68 lbs (26 to 31 kg) 20 to 22 in (51 to 56 cm) 48 to 62 lbs (22 to 28 kg)
11 months 22 to 25 in (56 to 63.5 cm) 62 to 75 lbs (28 to 34 kg) 21 to 23 in (53 to 58 cm) 53 to 66 lbs (24 to 30 kg)
13 months 22 to 25 in (56 to 63.5 cm) 64 to 77 lbs (29 to 35 kg) 22 to 23.5 in (53 to 59 cm) 55 to 68 lbs (25 to 31 kg)
15 months 22 to 25 in (56 to 63.5 cm) 64 to 80 lbs (29 to 36 kg) 22 to 23.5 in (53 to 59 cm) 55 to 70 lbs (25 to 32 kg)

What To Do If Your Lab Is Heavier Or Lighter Than It’s Supposed To Be At A Certain Age?

How fast do labs grow is one thing but what should you do if your lab is not as tall or heavy as it should be? Being either overweight or underweight is obviously bad for any lab. The former can mean anything from overeating, insufficient exercise, or even health problems such as Insulinoma and Hyperthyroidism. Being underweight also isn’t harmless as it can indicate depression, stress, recovery from injury or illness, an ongoing disease, Intestinal worms, or other parasites.

Needless to say, all of the above should necessitate a trip to the vet as well as subsequent diet and exercise routine changes at a minimum.

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So, How Fast Do Labs Grow?

Overall, Labrador Retrievers are pretty fast growers as well as quite large dogs. This doesn’t mean that their “puppyhood” is overly fleeting, however – in terms of their personality, labs basically remain large puppies for years after they reach their adult height and weight. Keeping track of your pup’s weight during that time is important to make sure that it’s growing healthy and fit. However, even more, important is that you just give your pup good food and regular exercise, as well as that you don’t skip the routine vet visits.


What age are Labradoodles fully grown?

A Labradoodle will typically reach its maximum height around its first year birthday – potentially a month sooner or later. Said maximum height will be somewhere between 21 and 24 inches at the shoulders (53 and 61 cm). As for their weight, Labradoodles will usually reach their top weight of 50 to 65 pounds (23 to 30 kg) several months later – potentially up to their 15th month.

How much do Labs grow per week?

This can obviously vary somewhat but most lab pups will gain about 2 pounds (~0.9 kg) a week until they are 6 months old. After that, they’ll keep gaining between 1 and 1.5 pounds (about half a kg or a bit more) until they reach their maximum weight a few months after their first birthday.

How big will my Labrador be?

On average, an adult purebred Labrador Retriever will get about 22 to 25 inches tall at the shoulder (53 to 63.5 cm) and some 55 to 80 pounds heavy (25 to 36 kg). Females are naturally a bit shorter and lighter but not by that much and they too are actively employed as hunting companions.

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