Chocolate Lab Greyhound Mix – The Perfectly Balanced Lurchers

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There are new designer crossbreeds and there are crossbreeds that have existed for centuries. Meet the chocolate lab greyhound mix – the perfectly balanced Lurchers! This cross between a Labrador retriever and a Greyhound combines two different but very special dogs. More notably, it combines two dogs with quite complementary physical and personality traits.

So, while the Lurcher, or Greyador as it’s also called, is technically a designer breed, it is definitely worth attention. There are quite a few of these dogs around too and you can even find them in shelters and rescues. But, to see if you’d want this cross in your home, let’s go over its characteristics.

What Does The Chocolate Lab Greyhound Mix Look Like?

The chocolate lab greyhound mix combines the lean and athletic body of a sighthound with the muscular and sturdy body for a retriever. This means that the Lurcher is going to be leaner than a standard retriever but not as much as a greyhound. Exactly where between the two your dog is going to fall is a matter of chance.

The head and muzzle of this crossbreed will also vary a bit. They can either be wider with hanging ears like a retriever or the head can be narrower and with rose ears like a greyhound. In terms of size, this mix will usually range between 20 and 27 inches in height at the shoulder (51 to 67,5 cm) and between 50 to 80 pounds weight (23 to 36 kg).

The coat will most likely be short and dense but soft with an even shorter undercoat. These dogs will shed quite a bit and won’t be hypoallergenic. However, regular brushing several times a week should be enough to keep the dog hair in your to a minimum.

As for the color of this breed, it’s either going to be a solid chocolate like that of the chocolate lab parent or it will be mixed with the traditional greyhound colors such as red, grey, brindle, white, black, blue, fawn, or a bi-color combination of the above.

Besides, keep in mind that Lurchers aren’t only crossed between chocolate labs and greyhounds – other lab colors can be crossed too. A greyhound yellow lab mix will often have a bright yellow color, for example. There’s also a black lab Italian greyhound mix that’s rising in popularity, as well as other interesting crossbreeds.

Chocolate Lab Greyhound Mix

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Lab Greyhound Mix Temperament

Another wonderful feature of the Greyador is its unique personality. Both greyhounds and Labradors are naturally friendly and lovable. However, Labradors tend to be much more outgoing and playful. The greyhound, on the other hand, is much more gentle and shy. So, a Greyador can have a varying personality – it will either be more introverted like a greyhound or more outgoing like a lab (or somewhere in between).

Still, proper socialization should make even the shyest lab greyhound mix social enough for any situation – more so than a purebred greyhound.

Another cool thing about these dogs is that they are highly intelligent and are great problem solvers. They inherit that from both their parent breeds but especially from the Labrador. Like most hounds, however, Greyadors can be a bit stubborn at times. This makes diligent obedience training all the more important unless you want your dog to turn mischievous and disobedient.

This doesn’t mean that the Greyador isn’t suitable for first-time owners. With enough research and preparation, even a rookie dog owner can manage this breed. You really have to go out of your way to turn such a mild-mannered dog aggressive.

Even when disobedient, these dogs are lovable and affectionate and non-aggressive toward their owners. This mix gets along perfectly with all its family members, including kids of all ages and sizes, and other dogs. Cats and other small pets can be a problem, however, because of the inherent prey drive of all hound breeds.

One downside of this affectionate nature is that separation anxiety is an issue, just like it is for both greyhounds and Labradors. So, if you live in a small household and everyone is always at work, this dog will grow to be anxious, depressed, disobedient, and destructive. In other words – these dogs need people around them almost non-stop.

How Much Exercise Does The Greyador Need?

Given that both greyhounds and labs are very physically active, so is their mix. With these dogs, you’ll need between one and two hours of active and vigorous run and playtime outside every day. Ideally, they should be divided between two or three trips to the dog park.

All that exercise should always be on a leash unless the dog park is fully fenced. That’s because the hound’s prey drive can kick in at any moment and it can run off chasing a squirrel, a car, or anything else that moves. The playtime should always be mentally engaging and not just a simple walk. Although, these dogs do make for amazing jogging partners.

How Healthy Are Lab Greyhound Mix Puppies?

Both Labradors and greyhounds are very healthy breeds, at least when they are bred by reputable breeders and not in puppy mills. So, most Lurcher puppies should also be quite healthy. The few potential health problems you may want to watch out for are the same standard issues that are common for the two-parent breeds:

A healthy pup that gets the right care, good food, and regular exercise will easily surpass the average lifespan of the breed of 11 to 13 years.

Is The Chocolate Lab Greyhound Mix The Right Dog For You?

All in all, this is a wonderful breed for first-time and experienced dog owners alike. It works for single-person households and for large families, as long as the dog can get enough attention. If you want a second dog, the lab greyhound mix is almost certain to get along with it, and if you have a small child or even a toddler, your dog will be very happy with the new family member.

If you can give the Lurcher enough time, attention, and exercise, then and only then would we say that this breed isn’t a good fit for you.

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