When To Neuter A Labrador And Are There Risks In Waiting?

When To Neuter A Labrador And Are There Risks In Waiting

The first several months of owning a pup are both wonderful and stressful. One of the key questions to answer is when to neuter a Labrador and are there risks in waiting? In fact – is neutering or spaying your dog really a must or can you skip that step? What are the benefits of … Read more

Can Dogs Have Banana Bread Or Is It Toxic For Them?

Here’s one treat that definitely doesn’t sound like it should be “OK” for pets but just might be. Can dogs have banana bread or is it toxic for them? The short answer may surprise you but it’s that, usually – yes. The longer answer, however, is more complicated. To delve a bit further into the … Read more

What Is The Black Lab Average Life Span And How To Extend It?

What Is The Black Lab Average Life Span And How To Extend It

It’s well-known that smaller dogs live longer. This can feel unfortunate if you want a lab. So, what is the black lab average life span, and how to extend it? Do these dogs have a “good” lifespan that’d make them a nice companion for you and your kids? Or are labs one of those breeds … Read more

Is Avocado Oil Safe For Dogs Or Is It Toxic? What About Avocado?

Is Avocado Oil Safe For Dogs Or Is It Toxic What About Avocado

Dogs are omnivores but they do have some pretty bizarre dietary requirements. For example – is avocado oil safe for dogs or is it toxic? What about avocado fruits? For us, avocado is considered a superfood and dogs do share a lot of our vitamin and mineral needs as well as food preferences. At the … Read more

Can Dogs Have Honey Roasted Peanuts Or Are They Dangerous?

Can dogs have honey roasted peanuts? Important guidelines!

Figuring out what foods are ok for your dog and what aren’t is complicated. Can dogs have honey roasted peanuts or are they dangerous, for example? Dogs eat peanuts with pleasure? This is essentially a combination of a couple of different foods you need to worry about – honey and peanuts. Additionally, the peanuts are … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Tangerines And Other Citruses?

Can Dogs Eat Tangerines? Important Tips For Your Dog's!

When talking about fruits dogs can and can’t eat, citruses seem like something in the No-No list, right? So, can dogs eat tangerines and other citruses? Unlike some other fruits that many people might consider “more normal” but are toxic to dogs, tangerines, oranges, mandarins, and clementines, are not that much of a problem. Of … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

Can Dogs Eat Cherries? The Best Recommendations For Health!

Dogs and fruits don’t always mesh well which brings us to the common question of can dogs have cherry fruits and juice or are they poisonous to them? This is a tricky one as there are parts of a cherry that are outright toxic to dogs and other parts that are perfectly fine. So, what … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Gouda Cheese and Is Cheese Toxic To Them?

Can Dogs Eat Gouda Cheese? Important Recommendation!

Dogs love to eat all kinds of stuff and they are technically omnivores, which brings up the question – can dogs eat Gouda cheese and is cheese toxic to them? As a type of diary, cheese should be about as “ok” for dogs as it is for humans, right? Yes and no. Dogs can technically … Read more

Can Dogs Have Raspberries Or Are They Toxic To Them?

Can Dogs Have Raspberries? Important Tips for Your Pet!

Dogs may be omnivores but they can’t eat everything which brings up questions such as can dogs have raspberries or are they toxic to them? This question can seem intuitive but most people’s answers go either way. Dogs’ dietary preferences are just that weird. Apples are fine, grapes are poison – the line between fruits … Read more