Can Dogs Eat Tangerines And Other Citruses?

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When talking about fruits dogs can and can’t eat, citruses seem like something in the No-No list, right? So, can dogs eat tangerines and other citruses?

Unlike some other fruits that many people might consider “more normal” but are toxic to dogs, tangerines, oranges, mandarins, and clementines, are not that much of a problem. Of course, they do contain sugar and the peel should be removed too, but the citrus meat itself is safe for dogs of all breeds.

So, does that mean that you should give your dog citruses? And, if so – how much and in what manner?

Can Dogs Eat Tangerines?

In a word – yes. Once the peel and white pith of the tangerine have been removed, you can give tangerine slices to your dog. It may be counterintuitive at first, but there’s actually nothing toxic for dogs in these fruits, or, at least not in their meat.

It is important to always remove the seeds of tangerines, however, and not just their peels and white pith. Like the latter two, the seeds of citruses are full of essential oils that can cause some unpleasant gastrointestinal issues. More on that below. Thankfully, most tangerines are naturally seedless.

But the tangerine fruit itself – that’s safe for any dog.

Are Tangerines Good For Dogs?

Citruses such as tangerines and oranges are known to be quite healthy for people. They are chock-full of Vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, calcium, and carbohydrates. So, it’s only logical that these benefits would extend to dogs too, right?

Technically, yes, but tangerines and other citruses aren’t nearly as important of a part of a dog’s diet as they are for us. As long as you give your dog quality dog food for its standard meals, there isn’t going to be any need for citrus treats. To put it bluntly – there’s no risk of your dog developing scurvy if you don’t feed it citruses.



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Can Dogs Eat Mandarins?

Similar to tangerines, dogs of all breeds can eat peeled and cleaned slices of mandarins too. The two fruits are very similar even if they have slightly different tastes and sugar contents.

Can Dogs Have Mandarin Oranges?

Same as mandarins, all other types of oranges such as mandarin oranges and Satsuma oranges are also safe for dogs. The same precautions apply too – remove the peel, white pith, and seeds, and the rest should be perfectly edible.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Giving Your Dog Tangerines and Other Citruses?

Even if you have properly peeled and de-seeded the tangerines, you should still note that they are not completely “healthy” for dogs. At the end of the day, such citrus fruits are full of sugar in the form of fructose and natural sucrose.

One standard tangerine has 11 grams of sugar in it and one average orange – 12 grams.

Of course, sugar isn’t completely unhealthy too – dogs need some sugar intake in the form of carbohydrates just like humans do. So, some natural sugar from fruits is ok. However, dogs don’t need nearly as much sugar as well do, even proportionally to their weight.

Also, it’s easy to forget that most dogs have a much lower body weight than humans. So, their bodies need even less sugar than we do when you account for that.

Giving your dog too many fruits and sugar, in general, can lead to anything from cavities to mass inflammations in the body, diabetes, obesity, hyperglycemia, and more. Plus, at the very least, too many fruits can give your dog a sort of “sugar rush” too, as well as some gastrointestinal problems.

Can Dogs Eat Tangerines With The Peels Still On?

They can but they shouldn’t. So, if you’re in the habit of leaving bowls of oranges and other fruits on the kitchen table – you’d do well to rethink that. Of course, many dogs won’t try to eat an orange or a tangerine with the peel on for the same reason humans wouldn’t – it’s not exactly tasty. However, many dogs would gladly bite into the peel in an attempt to get to the juicy inside of the citrus.

Thankfully, this isn’t immediately awful – a bite or two off the peel of a tangerine shouldn’t cause too much trouble for most dogs, especially if the fruit has been washed. However, eating a bit too much or too regularly can be toxic for dogs.

What Are The Possible Unwanted Side Effects Of Your Dog Eating Tangerines, Mandarins, Or Oranges?

The main immediate problems you should watch out for include vomiting and diarrhea. These can happen if your dog has eaten too much at once, if it has eaten citruses with the peels on, and/or if it just takes in too much sugar regularly.

Fortunately, the vomiting and the diarrhea should pass pretty quickly and all you’ll need to worry about after that is dehydration. Just give your dog some water and call your vet for some personalized advice.

Can A Dog Eat Tangerines and Other Citruses If The Dog Is Diabetic Or Overweight?

It can but it absolutely shouldn’t – for the same reason a diabetic human shouldn’t.

How Many Tangerines and Other Citruses Should You Allow Your Dog?

That depends on the size, weight, and general health of the dog so we can’t possibly give a standard answer. In general – start with a single bite. If everything seems fine, a couple of slices a couple of times per week should be fine for a mid-sized dog.

Can Dogs Drink Orange Juice and How Much?

If the orange juice is natural and doesn’t have any undesirable chemical additives – a gulp or two should be fine, yes. However, more than that is very ill-advised as the orange juice will have even more sugar per gram than the fruit itself.

So, Can Dogs Eat Tangerines?

Thankfully, they can. And most canines will love them too. You will need to be careful with the seeds, peels, and piths, of course. And you should only give citrus fruits to your dog in moderation. But with all that in mind – you can give your dog a bit of tangerine every once in a while.



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