Try Paw Perfect Reviews 2021 – An Amazing And Safe Way To File Dog Nails

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As the proud owner of a few indoor dogs, I’ve always looked for the best way to deal with their overgrown nails. Ever since one of my older dogs developed a slight limp cause I didn’t use to maintain his nail hygiene I’m extra careful about that. So, in my research, I quickly stumbled upon a lot of positive try Paw Perfect reviews.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Paw Perfect Dog Nail File

I didn’t like the concept of nail files at first. For one, they are often too noisy which can stress dogs out. Besides, using clippers just seems more natural. However, nail clippers run the risk of cutting into the dog’s “quick” – the part of the nail that contains the nerve endings and blood vessels.

Cutting a nail’s quick or “quicking a nail” can be quite painful and unpleasant for the dog. This is an especially high risk for dogs with darker nails as noticing the quick is even harder there.

Additionally, clippers often leave your dog’s clipped nails with a lot of sharp edges that can accidentally scratch you. Nail files lead to no such problems which further incentivized me to try the Paw Perfect reviews’ recommendation.

So, when should you consider giving the Paw Perfect Pet Nail Rotating File a try?

  • If your dog has darker nails and quicking them is a major risk
  • If you want to avoid the sharp edges of clipped nails
  • For young pups as getting them used to the sound of the rotating file from an early age eases things considerably
  • If your dog’s nails are especially thick and hard, which makes them difficult to clip

Presenting The Product – Try Paw Perfect Reviews

Out of the several rotating nail files, I’ve tried and the hundreds I’ve looked into, the Paw Perfect rotating nail file is by far the best. It combines an impressively high power and effectiveness with a very efficient power consumption. That’s great for people like me who have multiple dogs at home and need to trim their nails regularly.

The relatively low noise level compared to other rotating nail files is also very impressive given this model’s power. It also has 2 different modes of operation and a very safe and protective design. The relatively low price is also quite the boon given the exorbitant prices of some other rotating file models.

Features & Benefits

So, you want to try the Paw Perfect file – are the user reviews right about its features and benefits? Here’s what this file offers in my experience:

  • 2 different speed modes – 7,000 RPM (rotations per minute) and 5,000 RPM. Most reviews say that the product has 3 modes of operation as they also count the “Off” mode. That’s technically true as you can use this product as a normal non-rotating file too. However, “Off” is hardly a mode of operation. Nevertheless, the two actual modes work beautifully and both offer excellent nail filing for nails of all sizes and hardnesses.
  • 2 different files – a standard file for the tougher nails of larger breeds and a finer file for softer and more delicate nails.
  • Built-in LED light to make nail filing even easier in all conditions. This makes it even easier to avoid the nail’s quick.
  • Protective sheat over the rotating head for extra protection. The sheath has three holes on the sides for your dog’s nails to come in contact with the rotating file. Aside from that, however, the rest of the file is covered for your and your dog’s safety. The three slots are sized as follows: 12.7 mm, 15.8mm, and 19 mm.
  • Comfortable and shake-free grip. This makes the product even safer and easier to use.
  • Battery-powered – the Paw Perfect rotating file has no cable to connect to an electrical socket and is fully battery-operated. This is a plus for me and my dogs as the dangling cables of other files used to be too much of a distraction. Especially with several dogs in the household, it was quite common for one dog to start chewing and pulling the cable as I was using the file on another dog. With this Paw Perfect file that’s not an issue.
  • Lightweight – the file can look cumbersome on its pictures but it’s actually very lightweight at about 10 ounces.
  • Quiet operation – for comparison’s sake, this nail file is about as noisy as my Philips electric toothbrush. That’s pretty quieter than other files I’ve tried and doesn’t startle my dogs.

3 Alternatives If You Don’t Want To Try The Paw Perfect Reviews’ Recommendation

The many Paw Perfect reviews out there may look promising but if you don’t like this product you can consider some alternatives. Here’s what we’d recommend:

  • Another rotating nail file I quite like is the Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder. This one is a bit pricier and noisier than the Paw Perfect model. Plus, it has a cable. However, it did work very well on all my dogs and was perfectly safe. I quite liked the design too.

  • If you are dead-set against nail files, one type of clippers I’d recommend is the Gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers. Very handy and sturdy, these clippers have never given me any problems. They also come with a small nail file stored in the handle. That’s great for smoothing the rough edges left after clipping.

  • Lastly, if you don’t feel up to the challenge of filing or clipping your dog’s nails you can also use the services of a professional groomer. One visit every couple of months will keep your dog’s claws in perfect condition. Additionally, a groomer can also help with your dog’s coat, skin, eye & ear cleanliness, and even dental hygiene.

Conclusion – Why Trust The Paw Perfect Nail Trimmer Reviews?

The differences between nail filing and clipping are a fascinating discourse in the dog owner community. We’ve covered the pros and cons of each method here. I, personally, lean toward nail filing because of the extra safety of this method as well as the better and smoother result. And my preferred rotating file by a long shot is the Paw Perfect model above.

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