The Best Halloween Costumes for Labradors: 11 Interesting Ideas!

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Celtic tribes celebrated New Year’s Eve on the last day of October and believed that on the night from October 31 to November 1, the border between the world of the living and the world of the dead was erased. And in order to deceive evil spirits and not get caught by them, people pretended to be them. Hence the tradition of dressing up in frightening costumes. Today it’s a scary fun holiday! And it’s great not only to dress up your house and buy or make your own costumes, but also to take care of your favorite Labrador Retriever! He’s part of your family too! And so we’re going to show you 5 great Halloween costumes for Labradors that you can make with your own hands and 6 great costumes you can buy right away!

There are many options: you can buy a costume in a pet store, order online or make your own. Here we will show and tell you about the different options!

Halloween Costumes For Labradors With Their Own Hands

When choosing an outfit, keep in mind that many dogs don’t like to have anything put on them. Do not forget about the comfort of the animal.

If the pet from childhood is not accustomed to wearing clothes, then to begin with it is necessary to put on a sleeveless T-shirt, let him get used to the clothes. The dog can play, run until it forgets that it is wearing something.

TIP: The dog should be comfortable in the outfit and nothing should chafe. You can test the outfit by putting it on beforehand. This will help your four-legged dog get used to the outfit and keep it on.



The ghost is made of white cloth. It is necessary to cut out a circle of cloth equal to the height of Labrador Retriever, cut out circles in place of eyes, nose of the dog. Complement the costume can be bucket in the form of a pumpkin.

Halloween Costumes For Labradors


The skeleton costume is very easy to make using a black t-shirt and paint! All you need is a t-shirt, a brush and white paint. You can draw a picture of a skeleton yourself, or draw from any picture. You can also add interesting elements to the costume! Here your imagination has no limits!

Halloween Costumes For Labradors

3.Frankenstein’s Dog

The idea is very easy to execute! All you need for your Labrador Retriever Halloween Costume is two bolts to attach to the collar, as well as watercolor paint or gouache and a brush! This paint is safe for your pet and can be easily washed off with water. You only need to simulate the scars on the dog’s fur.

Halloween Costumes For Labradors

4.Spider Dog

You will need:

  • stiff wire
  • fur pieces
  • harness.

How to make: On the harness attach bent wire on both sides, the wire should imitate the paws of a spider.
Make spider legs covers from fur.

There is no harness on the image, but it is necessary, as the whole construction will be attached to it.

Halloween Costumes For Labradors



Cerberus is a tri-headed dog that guards the entrance to hell.

A harness and two heads will be required for making.

The heads can be made of papier-mâché, and the top can be decorated with fake fur. After making the heads, they need to be attached to the harness. The costume will be spectacular, but it will take time to make.

Halloween Costumes For Labradors


Halloween Costumes for Labradors: Buy Ready-Made Costumes

We have also prepared a selection of ready-made costumes for your Labrador Retriever for Halloween festivities

6.Dog Costume Halloween Pet Bat Wings



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7.Lion Mane Wig for Dogs with Ears

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8.Halloween Costumes for Pets Furry Giant Dog Spider

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9.Halloween Cowboy Dog Costume Clothes

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10.Halloween Dog Costumes White Ghost

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11.Halloween Costume Puppy Dog Vampire/Devil

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The night from October 31 to November 1 was the boundary between the two segments of the year.

According to Celtic beliefs, it is on Halloween that an invisible door opens between our world and the spirit world, through which deceased relatives can visit their descendants.

Already in the early 20th century, Halloween lost its mystical and creepy meaning, becoming for most people fun and joyful. The holiday became popular due to the fact that it allows adults and kids to have fun and spend time together, and of course we do not forget about the Labrador Retriever, who can also have scary fun with you this time!

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