Can Dogs Have Broccoli Stems Or Is This A Bad Idea?

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Some veggies are healthy for dogs while others should be avoided at all costs. What about broccoli? Can dogs have broccoli stems or is this a bad idea? Is this the type of veggie you can just steam and chop into your dog’s bowl together with the meat? Or are broccoli stems bad for your dog or outright toxic? If not, what are the health benefits your dog can get from broccoli? Let’s go over each point below.

Can Dogs Have Broccoli Stems?

Dogs can indeed eat broccoli stems, either as an occasional treat or as a regular part of their diet. The stems need to be steamed first, however, and then chopped into small bite-sized pieces. That’s because broccoli stems are pretty hard and can be difficult to digest – that’s why we cook them too, after all.

Are Broccoli Stems Good For Dogs?

Not only are steamed and chopped broccoli stems safe for dogs, but they are also quite healthy. Broccoli is exceptionally rich in fiber which every dog needs for its digestive tract. Broccoli is also chock-full of vitamins C and K, folic acid, as well as minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

Are Broccoli Stems Good For Dogs

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Why Not Give Your Dog Broccoli Florets Too?

The reason we’re mostly talking about broccoli stalks or stems and not about their florets is that the latter can pose one extra risk for your dog. The florets – the upper part we usually eat – have a bit of Isothiocyanate in them. That’s a chemical that’s not outright toxic for dogs but it can cause indigestion, especially when given in a significant enough quantity. So, if your dog has managed to sneak a bite out of a broccoli floret piece, there shouldn’t be a major cause for concern. However, if you give your dog several pieces, some digestive issues may ensue.

Are Broccoli Stems Dangerous For Your Dog In Any Way?

The only way in which broccoli stems can be dangerous is if they are uncooked and offered in large pieces. That’s simply because they are pretty hard and difficult to digest. In fact, they can even pose a choking hazard. However, if you’ve steamed them beforehand and you’ve chopped them into little pieces, everything should be fine.

So, Can Dogs Have Broccoli Stems In Moderation?

The short of it all is that dogs very much can eat broccoli stems. Moderation is obviously advised as veggies should never be the main part of your dog’s diet. At least 75% to 80% of your dog’s food needs to be meat-based. What’s more, no single veggie should comprise the entirety of the other 25%. So, if you are going to give your dog broccoli stems, they should be kept below 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake.

In such moderation, however, broccoli stems can be an excellent source of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Just remember to steam them first and to chop them into small bites – otherwise, they can be a bit too hard for your dog to digest properly.

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Can dogs have broccoli stems?

Indeed you can. In fact, broccoli stems are pretty healthy for dogs as long as you prepare them right and only give them to your dog in moderate amounts. Do that, and broccoli stems can be a delicious treat for your dog that’s rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
Keep in mind, however, that we’re mostly talking about broccoli stems or stalks. Brocolli florets, or the upper part we usually eat, is not so recommended for dogs. That’s because it includes small bits of a chemical called Isothiocyanate. This chemical isn’t outright toxic for dogs, especially in small doses, but it can irritate your dog’s gastrointestinal tract.
So, it’s wise to just stick to the broccoli stems. It’s also a good idea to steam them first and chop them into small pieces. That’s because they are so hard and rich in fibers that large chunks can be difficult to digest. Small and soft bits do make for perfectly enjoyable and healthy dog snacks, however.

Can dogs eat broccoli stalks?

They can and they can get a lot of nutrients from them too. Broccoli stalks are very rich in minerals and vitamins K and C. They also have lots of fiber which every dog’s diet needs. So, if you’re wondering what type of veggie you can add to your dog’s food, some 10% of it can easily be steamed and chopped broccoli stalks.
Do make sure that you avoid large pieces of raw broccoli stalks, however. This is simply because they can be difficult to digest – that’s why we don’t eat them raw either.

Can dogs eat cooked broccoli?

They can. In fact, it’s better that the broccoli is cooked rather than raw as raw broccoli stems can be difficult to digest. Instead, steamed and soft broccoli stalks can be an excellent source of fiber, minerals, and vitamins when added to your dog’s meal or given in bits as treats.
When talking about “cooked” broccoli, however, it’s important to distinguish between simple steamed or boiled broccoli and an actual human meal with spices and other ingredients. Such meals should never be given to a dog – not because of the broccoli but because of the myriad other ingredients, many of which can be problematic for dogs. The broccoli itself, however, is safe.

Is broccoli good for dogs?

Broccoli is one of those vegetables that are surprisingly safe and healthy for dogs. The broccoli florets – the part we eat - can cause your dog some digestive upset so they are better avoided. However, the broccoli stems or stalks are perfectly safe for dogs when given to them in small and steamed bite-sized treats.
Not only are they safe, but broccoli stems are also very rich in fiber, which dogs need. They also have lots of vitamin C and K, as well as folic acid and various minerals such as sodium, magnesium, chromium potassium, and others. So, yes, giving your dog a bit of steamed and chopped broccoli stalks is definitely a very healthy snack for any dog.